Artist Portrait: Margaret Ann Smith

Applause celebrates an artist in our community bi-weekly

Augusta’s skyline looks a little different through Margaret Ann Smith’s eyes.


“I like to take a landmark or a building and do my own thing with it,” said Smith, whose work is available at Oddfellows Art Gallery at 1036 Broad St. She was the gallery’s featured artist in December and January.

“Most of my paintings defy laws of nature. I have painted realistically, but I’ve always thought the abstract and surreal was more fun.”

Smith said she has always been interested in producing art, but it wasn’t until she was part of Gallery on the Row a few years ago that she realized other people were interested in her artwork.

“I was in awe that people liked my artwork,” she said.

About eight years ago, Smith created a unique signature for her works. She places an eagle in each of them.

“I started with the eagles when I did the Butt Memorial Bridge,” she said.

There are eagles atop posts on the bridge, and she painted one of them in flight.

She could see the bird flying back to his spot where he’d once again become a statue.

The image stuck in her mind, and she began placing eagles in subsequent pieces.

For more information on Smith’s work, visit her Web site at


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