Artist Portrait: Henry Wynn

Applause celebrates an artist in our community bi-weekly

Under Henry Wynn’s pen, hundreds of thousands of tiny dots connect to form one unique piece.


“I do houses to portraits and a lot of caricatures, but I’m not a quick-draw artist. I am slow and pondering,” Wynn said.

In his early years, Wynn was mainly self-taught. There weren’t many arts programs in North Augusta.

“I loved to draw. My sports ability was nonexistent so I got pretty good at drawing,” he said.

Wynn received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Augusta College in 1974 and spent nearly 30 years working at Fort Gordon as an illustrator. He retired in 2006.

When he first started with the Department of the Army, he created illustrations for training manuals. During his career, he also did medical illustrations, cartoons, posters and “whatever was needed.” Many of his illustrations won prestigious Department of the Army awards.

Since retiring, Wynn has devoted his time to his art and his music. He plays acoustic guitar with Doug and The Henrys, which was named Augusta Magazine’s Best Bluegrass Group, and another band called The Henrys.

Wynn created a pen-and-ink piece of The Imperial Theatre from 1939 that was sold in the fall to raise funds for the theater’s capital campaign.

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