Artist Portrait - Margaret McCarthy Hunt

There are few media Margaret McCarthy Hunt won’t use.


“No blacksmithing, no woodturning,” said Hunt, whose work is always available at Gallery on the Row on Broad Street. Also, her pieces will be on display at the Inner Bean on Davis Road in January.

Much of Hunt’s work, however, is concentrated in fabric – art quilts and a variety of other pieces made with different types of cloth. But even those designs don’t strictly stick to fabric.

Tissue paper, pieces of a Korean magazine, pages from a Lutheran hymnal, cellophane and cheesecloth have all been integrated into some of the designs she’s created.

“If I can paint on it or sew on it” it could be part of the finished project, she said.

Hunt said she’s been sewing for as long as she can remember, and her mother encouraged her creativity as a child by letting her draw, paint, knit and embroider. Hunt has a degree in art and has also taught art.

Some of her art quilts are whimsical, such as her shoe series and those featuring cupcakes and cakes.

Others such as Lady Nolly symbolize the resurgence of New Orleans after the floods of Katrina; Without Malice features three American flags and a quote from Abraham Lincoln. The flag quilt has traveled to different shows and has been in several publications.

Hunt said most of her current work would be categorized as mixed media.

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