Artist Portrait: Chris Murray

Murray likes to turn wood scraps into a canvas.

Chris Murray’s family didn’t have a lot of extra money when he was growing up, so he and his younger brother, Paul, improvised when it came to entertaining themselves.


“My dad worked construction, and he taught me how to use a saw and hand tools,” Murray said. “I’d go out and make stuff.”

The two brothers also drew their own cartoons and made flip books, which they passed back and forth to each other.

Those early influences have carried over into Murray’s adult life and his artwork.

“I do mostly pen and ink, but I use all kinds of materials – wood and different types of paper,” he said.

Using a canvas is a rarity, he said. Typically, that’s reserved for the annual Art45 exhibit during Arts in the Heart of Augusta, and then only because it’s supplied to him as part of the event.

Murray likes to reuse items. He has a construction background as well and has often taken cast-off pieces of wood to make a surface upon which to create. He also makes his own supplies, taking wood scraps and fashioning them into handles for his quills.

In addition to construction, he’s also worked as a blacksmith’s apprentice and has some welding skills, which he’s used to make iron sculptures.

Murray’s talents extend to creating his own furniture and other pieces.

Some of Murray’s work and the work of artist Brian McGrath will be on display at Sky City during December. An opening for the show will be at 8 p.m. Dec. 7.


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