Artist Portrait: Raoul Pacheco

Art has always been an important part of Raoul Pacheco’s life.


“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw. My native tongue is drawing,” said Pacheco, who is an art professor at Augusta State University and oversees the ceramics lab.

Pacheco enjoys working in several types of media. Sculpting and working in clay is one of his passions. He also works to incorporate throwaway items from everyday life, such as plastic containers, into other works.

“The wheel is my main tool,” he said. What he creates “are altered sculptured objects.”

Instructing other artists has been a main part of Pacheco’s professional life. He taught art at Augusta Preparatory Day School before teaching at ASU. He has a master’s degree in ceramics from the California College of Arts in San Francisco. While he might hold the title of teacher, he says he’s often a student.

“I get energy from my students,” he said, adding that their insights and creativity feed his.

Pacheco’s work can be found online at

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