Comedian Brian Regan happy to laugh at himself

Comedian Brian Regan will bring laughter to Bell Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 20.



The everyday problems of life might not be all that entertaining to the average person, but comedian Brian Regan is anything but average. Much of his comedy is based on everyday experiences and how he rolls through them.

Regan, who performed in Augusta in 2011, returns at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, at Bell Auditorium. Tickets are $38.50 or (877) 4AUGTIX.

“I just go through my life normally,” Regan said. “I go to the doctor, I fly, I go to the supermarket, I read, I watch TV and every once in a while I notice something or experience something and those sometimes end up becoming bits in my show.”

What won’t be found in the comedian’s routines are bits that would tear anyone down besides himself.

“I personally stay away from certain things, but that doesn’t mean other people should,” Regan said. “One thing I tend to avoid is picking on specific people, especially physical characteristics and things like that. I figure that we’re all going to look a little weird or do dumb things, and I try to let people slide on those things.”

“I think I do plenty of stupid things and look weird enough myself,” he added. “I just tend to poke fun of myself and I think there’s enough material there.”

His clean comedy is something that resonates well with his fans, in addition to a certain late-night talk show host.

Regan, who just finished the taping of his 25th appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, now holds the record for most appearances made by a comedian on the show. His first appearance was in 1995. Among other television appearances, Regan was featured on Comedy Central Presents in 2000.

More recent is his part in a Web series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which was created by fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Navigating the waters of mainstream comedy as a “clean” comedian is something Regan has done well over the years, and his fans have come to expect it.

Fans also sometimes expect him to use their routines. When asked if he gets a lot of requests for feedback from would-be comedians, Regan said he does pretty much all the time.

“People will come to you all of the time and tell you a bit and tell you that you can have it. And a lot of times it’s the most foul- mouthed thing that a human could possibly think of and they’ll tell me I can use it in my show. I’m sitting there wondering what two routines could I bookend around that horrible imagery they just threw my way.”


WHO: Brian Regan
7:30 p.m. Sept. 20; doors 6:30 p.m.
Bell Auditorium, 712 Telfair St.
$38.50;, (877) 4AUGTIX