Moss named winner of Fit to Be Gold contest

It was a close race to the finish, but the Fit to Be Gold weight loss competition has declared a winner.


After losing 71 pounds and 20.62 percent of his body weight, Dwain Moss was named the third champion of the Gold’s Gym fitness competition. He was awarded a $1,000 prize, a lifetime membership to Gold’s Gym and a prize from The Augusta Chronicle.

Moss’ trainer, George Grieve of Premier Fitness PT, received a $250 gift certificate.

Twelve weeks ago, Gold’s Gym’s Fit to Be Gold competition started with 17 contestants. At last month’s weigh-in, the contest was down to 11. On the final night, nine contestants remained.

During the November weigh-in, Bill Wilson was leading the contest, but the competition was close with Moss only two-tenths of a percentage point behind him. Moss pulled ahead in the final 30 days to lose the highest percentage of body weight. Jennifer Saxon was also among the final three finalists, moving ahead from fourth place last month.

Friends and family members of the contestants gathered for the final weigh-in and announcement of the winner at Gold’s Gym, which was videotaped for a program to air on Fox 54. The night was emceed by Chris O’Kelley of Kicks 99.

“As a group, you all have lost over 350 pounds,” O’Kelley said.

Moss said that “just sticking with it was the most important part.” He exercised daily, attended his personal training sessions and adhered to his diet. He said he also owed his success to the encouragement of family, friends and coworkers.

“It feels great. It’s such a sense of accomplishment to actually win,” Moss said. “I have no clothes that fit. None. I’m smaller than I’ve been in over 10 years.”

Moss wants to lose another 25 pounds, so he plans to continue with his diet, exercise and training routine.

Wilson said losing 57 pounds “feels like he’s got a third-grader off his back.”

“The competition has been great because it was right down to the wire between me and D,” he said. “He pulled ahead right at the last. I did everything I could do, but he did a little more, I guess.”

Wilson plans to lose another 57 pounds, he said.

Saxon said a key to her success was finding something she really liked to do: zumba.

“Everything in my closet is way too big, so there’s a big shopping trip in my future. Everything’s so big and saggy, and it just makes me feel so good to know that it is a direct result of hard work. Just knowing that nobody else did it for me. I did it myself. That’s a good feeling,” Saxon said.

Fit to be Gold Challenge: Round 3
Competitors on track to meet weight-loss goals
Wilson remains Fit to be Gold contest leader
ContestantStarting weight (pounds)Total pounds lostPercent body weight lost
Dwain Moss344.27120.62
Bill Wilson285.45719.97
Jennifer Saxon2623011.45
Debbie Stroud189115.79
Jill Fritz22620.89.20
Dedra Lewis39227.67.04
Destry Wagner300.6289.31
Reese Washington241.820.68.51
Lynne Allen22473.12