Wilson remains Fit to be Gold contest leader

It’s becoming a close competition for the Fit to be Gold contest, with only two-tenths of a percentage point between the first- and second-place competitors.


During the third weigh-in for the contest Monday night, Bill Wilson remained in first place, achieving 14.1 percent of total body weight lost. In the past 30 days, Wilson lost 14.6 pounds. However, Dwain Moss was close on his heels, having lost 13.9 percent of his total body weight and 21.2 pounds in the past 30 days.

Larry Bush, who was in 10th place at the last weigh-in, soared to fifth place Monday, losing 8.8 percent of his total body weight and 15.4 pounds. The group overall has lost 336.2 pounds since the start of the competition, 100.2 of those pounds in the past 30 days.

There are 11 contestants remaining in the competition, after seven people voluntarily dropped out, marketing director Allen Childs said. He praised the remaining contestants but expressed his disappointment in the group as a team.

“You guys have done wonderful. It’s just unbelievable the results that we have, but as a group there just hasn’t been that camaraderie,” Childs said. “We started out with 18 people, and we never even had a chance to cut anybody. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and committing to this for 12 weeks. As far as contests go, this is the closest contest that we’ve ever had. Everybody standing in this room right now has a chance to win.”

The winner of the contest will be declared Dec. 5, he said.

During the third weigh-in, Tony Dempsey of Premier Fitness PT asked contestants to discuss challenges they’ve faced. Contestants mentioned struggling to stay motivated and focused, challenges to remain on the diet, the consequences of skipping meals and unexpected health problems among themselves or family members.

There were some successes, however, such as Lynne Allen, who has dropped two sizes in jeans.

To stay motivated, Demp­sey advised contestants to remember why they entered the competition and encouraged them to search for inspiration to finish strong.

With the holidays near, Demp­sey also warned contestants about the temptations of overeating. He said it’s possible to eat healthy on Thanksgiving and in reasonable portions.

Wilson, the leader so far, said his wife’s support is the reason for his success. When he recently had to go out of town, his wife prepared the foods for his diet and brought them along in a cooler so he wouldn’t get off track.

“It’s a good feeling to be there after two months,” he said. “It’s getting tougher to stay there. I’m going to work hard to be there when it really counts. My wife has been a big help. Without her keeping me on track, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Competitors on track to meet weight-loss goals
Fit to be Gold Challenge: Round 3
Fit to be Gold third weigh-in results
RankContestantPounds lost last 30 daysPercentage body fat lost
1stBill Wilson14.614.1
2ndDwain Moss21.213.9
3rdErnie Williamson10.811.7
4thJennifer Saxon5.810.9
5thLarry Bush15.48.8
6thReese Washington2.27.69
7thJill Fritz167.14
8thDedra Lewis4.26.53
9thDebbie Stroud12.26.42
10thDestry Wagnergained 2.25.65
11thLynne Allen1.84.7

Source: Gold’s Gym