Series closing features music that will make you want to move

The Afro-Cuban All-Stars will perform at Augusta State University to conclude its Lyceum Series.

One of music's best known and well-loved Cuban orchestras is bringing its own flavor of salsa to Augusta on Tuesday.


The Afro-Cuban All-Stars, led by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez of the Buena Vista Social Club, will heat up Augusta State University's Maxwell Performing Arts Theater as the final act in the school's Lyceum Series.

"We try to cover a broad spectrum of different types of events," said Kelly Thomas, the theatre's director and Lyceum committee member.

The four-time Grammy nominated group features musicians that span three generations, combining the experience of age with the energy of youth to promote a full range of musical styles.

Many of the group's musicians, such as Ruben Gonzalez and Ibrahim Ferrer, have gone on to become international stars in their own right, according to a press release.

Gonzalez started the band in the early 1990s as Sierra Maestra. In 1996 the band recorded A toda Cuba de Gusta . They followed it with Sierra Vista Social Club, which featured a variety of celebrated artists.

Now Gonzalez has begun incorporating young musicians and contemporary styles of Cuban music into the already renowned orchestra, changing musicians to best reflect music from a variety of time periods.

Thomas said members of the Lyceum series were excited to be able to bring the best in Afro-Cuban music to the area.

"It's the best there is," Thomas said.

The music is upbeat and is enjoyable even for people who aren't into jazz.

"This is fun for everyone," Thomas said. "It's loud, get-up-and-want-to-move music."

If you go

WHAT: Afro-Cuban All-Stars

WHEN: 7 p.m. Tuesday

WHERE: Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre, Augusta State University, 2500 Walton Way

COST: $15; free admission with ASU JagCard




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