Work It

Karen Hall poses for a photo at the Family YMCA in Augusta.

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Karen Hall

Age: 22

Hometown: Shreveport, La.

Work: Nursing assistant, Medical College of Georgia

School: Senior art major at Augusta State University. "I would like to freelance. I do a lot of oil painting and drawings, but mainly just oil paintings."

Member of: The Family Y

Weekly Routine: "The first day it will be chest and biceps together ... and then the next day, I usually do back and triceps; and then the next day, I'll do shoulders and legs, and then I started using some of the workout bands, the elastic bands ... because I'm taking a core conditioning class up at school and I'm learning all these new workout moves. ... I try to run every day except for leg day. ... I might run a mile, a mile and a half; the most I'll run is three miles. ... Every day I usually do some abs. And then on any of the extra two days that I have during the week, I'll just do cardio and abs by themselves."

Fitness Favorites: Leg extensions, lat pull-downs, Roman chair for abs, cable exercises for biceps, chest, triceps, fly machine for chest, Smith machine for squats, military press

Workout Music: "I listen to a lot of house and trance music (on my iPod). The beat kind of makes you zone out. ... It gives you this adrenaline rush that maybe you wouldn't have."

Favorite Bands: Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Prodigy, Rabbit in the Moon and Deadmau5

Favorite Food: Chicken