Cher in the City: Get a new plan when life gets interrupted

Sometimes real life interrupts your plans. Has that ever happened to you? I’m learning that you can have the best-laid plan but if real life wants “her” time it’s best to just give in.


A few weeks ago I was excited about a busy weekend. The plan was to drop off my dog Denzel with my mom so that I could meet an associate in Columbia to discuss professional opportunities, then head back to Augusta, change and be off to Atlanta for the three-day breast cancer walk.

I do have the nicest mom in the world because she agreed to meet me midway and pick up Denzel.

After dropping him off, I pulled over at a Dairy Queen and got myself a large french fry and bottled water … and, yes, I had ketchup and mustard on my fries, too. I’m not supposed to have fries, but if no one sees you eating food you’re not supposed to have … the calories don’t actually count.

After meeting my associate I decided to go to my day room and chill out for a bit before heading back to Augusta. I went to my room, took a nap and woke up with an itchy eye. Thinking it was merely irritated; I put some drops in it and headed to Augusta with Atlanta and the three-day breast cancer walk on my mind.

I never made it to Atlanta. I ended up at a drug store in Augusta because, by now, my eye was on fire.

“Hey,” I said to the pharmacist, “my eye is burning and red. You got anything I can put in it? Must be some kind of irritation.”

The pharmacist looked at it and said, “No, ma’am, that’s a very irritated stage of pink eye; you’ll need to get a prescription.”

​​“Huh? Pink eye … how did I get that?”… I said while rubbing my eye.

“Stop that!” she scolded. “It’s very contagious and you could spread it to your other eye.”

After going to the doctor and getting an ointment – that it turns out I was allergic to – I ended up not only having the longest-running case of pink eye but it also spread to my other eye.

For weeks I was miserable. Nobody wanted to hang out with me. I get it, it was contagious. Let’s not forget that by the second week of pink eye I looked like a cross between Herman Munster and Evander Holyfield after he lost to Mike Tyson. Most women will agree, if you look in the mirror and you ain’t cute to yourself … you don’t feel cute on the inside.

Since I was told I could give it to my dog, I let my mom keep him. Since Fattz was scared he’d get it, I got barred from work, and since what I looked like was a reflection of how I felt, I wasn’t feeling up to entertaining. I was completely alone and a little depressed.

The thing is since I was all alone, I spent my time hanging curtains and cleaning. I got to listen to a few audio books and made a Bundt cake … that tasted like a Bundt (whatever that is). The point is my plans got interrupted by real life. There was nothing I could do about having pink eye except wait it out. Since I clearly could not go with the plan I had, I had to get a new one … and that’s what I plan to do the next time life interrupts me.