Cher in the City: Get ready for a music moment at Super Bowl

Alicia Keys performs during The Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center during the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington last week. Keys will sing the national anthem before this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII.

Everybody has their music moments. I bet you often find music fitting into your day-to-day life.


This weekend I had an Alicia Keys music moment.

Keys, 32, released the song Girl On Fire from her fifth album of the same name on Nov. 27 via RCA Records. Girl On Fire has been called a strong female-empowerment anthem.

So, the other night I was doing laundry after my trip to President Obama’s second inauguration. I don’t mind doing laundry per say … it’s really the folding I hate. So I had a rather large pile of washed clothes that were waiting to be folded.

I grabbed the massive pile, turned on the radio and started to fold. Just as I finished my first batch, Girl on Fire came on the radio and I started to sing along.

“She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire

Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway

She’s living in a world, and it’s on fire

Feeling with catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away”

Yes, yes, I thought; the more I sang the quicker the folding went. Impressing myself with both my quality vocals and my Olympic folding skills (what’s that look for?), I started to sing harder and with more feeling. I picked up a spoon that was on the table and used it as my microphone in between folding and “performing.”

“Oh, she got both feet on the ground

and she’s burning it down

Oh, she got her head in the clouds

and she’s not backing down”

As I finished a verse, I also quickly finished folding and started to mop.

Still singing at the top of my lungs … and now using the mop handle as my microphone. I kept singing …

“This girl is on fire

This girl is on fire

She’s walking on fire

This girl is on fire”

I was totally into the song. The harder I sang the quicker I got the housework done and by the end of the song, the laundry was folded, the floor mopped and the dishes put away. Music has that effect on me!

I finished just before 10 p.m. – just in time to catch my TV guilty pleasure Scandal. Alicia and I got the bulk of the housework done, so now it was time to save Washington with actress Olivia Pope.

I expect to have another Alicia Keys music moment this weekend when she performs the national anthem for Super Bowl XLVII.

The National Football League said last week that Keys’ three performances will be the most in Super Bowl history. She sang America the Beautiful before the 2005 game and was part of the 2008 pregame show.

I think it’s quite fitting that the last line of the song is …

Oh, oh, oh … She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire.

And that she is!


Associated Press reports were used in this column.