Cher in the City: Holidays put me in happy place

Can you believe that November is here? This year has flown by. Not only can I look forward to Thanksgiving, but then Black Friday (OK, so it’s a personal holiday), and Christmas will soon follow. And guess what? YES! I’m one of those annoying Christmas people. I really, really enjoy Christmas.


Like most people who enjoy Christmas, I get excited about picking out and putting up my tree, about holiday shopping, the Christmas music and the decorations. But that’s not what I like most about it. The thing that I most enjoy about Christmas (and this may sound a bit odd) is the way that it smells, the scent of it. I call it my holiday happy place.

Sounds crazy, right? Not as much as you would think.

During the holidays we all get hit with a million little things that stress us out – family, friends or money. It’s a normal reaction, a part of living and working and being an adult.

I think I like the smell of Christmas because it conjures up happy memories of my mother baking in the kitchen. She will tell you to this day that she’s not a good cook, but, in my brilliantly unbiased opinion, she makes the most amazing sweet potato pies.

Even now as think about it, I can smell the soft scent of sweet potatoes, cinnamon and nutmeg. The thought of it just makes smile. The scent, the idea, the emotion of it make me happy.

It’s a memory that pushes my emotional hot button and makes me smile and feel good.

Do you have that place?

That place is a way out of the usual stress-filled experience of the holiday season. My holiday happy place is the scent of Christmas. I’m feeling it already and, man, it sure smells good.