Deuce-come-lately brings laughter

Cher Best is happy to be "so square".

Is there anything that drives you crazy about your mate?


To be quite honest, for the longest time the fact that my guy was always late and very much a procrastinator drove me bananas.

Recently we had dinner with my parents at Carraba's Italian Grill for my birthday. I, of course, like the dutiful and very grateful daughter that I am, arrived exactly on time. But Deuce, like always, was about 20 minutes late.

I knew he could tell I had a slight attitude about the fact that once again, he was late. In fact, I reinforced the idea by shooting him a disapproving look. As he sat down, my mom stopped in midsentence and started to smile. My dad who has always disliked all of my boyfriends seemed slightly cautious but shook his hand anyway.

Then Deuce started to talk, he smiled at my mom and talked military and sports with my dad and after a while everybody (except me) forgot that he was late.

In fact, when he started to laugh out loud, my mother said "Oh my, what a wonderful laugh. Cher, you should tickle him so he can laugh always."

He looked pretty open to the idea, I on the other hand was thinking: What in the world, how come my parents are not mad at him for being late? They would have never let me hear the end of it, if it had been me.

Everybody at the table was laughing and joking and after about a minute I realized that nobody cared about Deuce being late. The only person bothered by it was me. It only bothered him because he correctly believed I would be mad about it.

Deuce was talking to my dad about someone they both served with overseas. My father must have told one of his jokes because Deuce laughed out loud again. My mom said, "I just love his laugh."

I guess we laugh so much and so often that I never really listened to him laugh, so this time I did. And that's when I realized he does have a pretty terrific laugh.

In fact, if the only thing that annoys me about him is the fact that he's always late, perhaps I'll take my mom's advice and tickle him so he can laugh out loud. I laughed out loud at the idea.

Deuce turned to me, smiled and said. "What's funny?"

I said, "You really do have a nice laugh."

That was the last time I got mad at him for being late. Of course, he's still late all the time. We were even late to the Augusta Blues Festival, but it really didn't matter because we both laughed the whole evening.