Shayne Felberg

Letter: Ron Paul's ideas don't fly...

I know that this letter will stick in the craw of many of those who are part of the cult of Ron Paul, but Ron Paul’s ideas don’t work – never have... Read more

Letter: There's no war on Christmas...

The war on Christmas has begun – at least in the minds of those who believe this myth as much as they believe the myth about the holiday itself.... Read more

Letter: Fringe has hijacked true conservatism

I know there are many decent people who call themselves conservatives, Republican or Libertarian. I know some of them personally, and I don’... Read more

Letter: Ending war on drugs would help economy

Want a good way to start pushing our economy back in the right direction?

The answer to the question is to end the spectacularly failed... Read more

Letter: At some point, you have enough money

In what twisted reality does the worker become the enemy of freedom? How is it that the needs of the working man have turned into "socialism?" Why... Read more

Letter: Oppression keeps marijuana illegal

How many more lives have to be ruined by marijuana prohibition before we step up and legalize marijuana?

Why is the most useful plant known... Read more

Letter: Gay discrimination is un-American

In every U.S. war -- from the Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars to Afghanistan and Iraq -- gay Americans have... Read more

Letter: Gays in military should serve openly

It's time for the United States to allow gay people to serve openly and proudly in the armed forces.

America's military -- including an... Read more

Letter: What's the problem with gay marriage?...


I wonder how we as a country have gotten as far as we have with so many of our fellow citizens unable to mind their own business.... Read more