Madison County looks at noise

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DANIELSVILLE, Ga. -- Madison County Commission might have an answer for the problems some county residents have with noisy neighbors during the day.

The solution has been in Georgia law the whole time, Commissioner Bruce Scogin says.

Scogin will brief fellow commissioners today on a state law that requires all residents to keep an orderly house. That means they can't blare music and disturb their neighbors - not even during the day, Scogin believes.

"That provision could probably already be enforced by the sheriff if someone is disturbing the neighborhood on a consistent basis," he said. "It's a lot simpler solution than the previous amendment we came up with because it's already in Georgia law."

Madison County already has a noise ordinance that regulates sound at night.

In October, the commission - Scogin included - voted down a proposed amendment that would control daytime noise. The amendment was too strict, too encroaching and too complex to enforce, commissioners argued at the time.

Farmers worried their tractors would cause too much noise.

Church and school officials were concerned that any outdoor picnics or sporting events might violate the law.

Commissioner Stanley Thomas said at the time that even his birthday party might be a little too loud.

Despite a long list of exceptions to deal with those worries, several residents complained that adding to the noise ordinance would constitute government micromanagement.

The state law, however, would not affect farmers or construction workers and their loud equipment, nor would it affect occasional concerts or big birthday parties, Scogin said.

"The complaints we've been getting are about loud noise on a regular basis during the day," he said. "I think we've got a pretty good ordinance, but we can't do anything about that right now."

Or could they? Scogin hasn't talked with the county attorney to see if the county would need to take any action to enforce the state law.

The commission won't take any action at tonight's meeting, Scogin said.

"This is more about sharing the information," he said. "I want to let them know where I'm at and ask them to look at the other avenues."

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disssman 12/28/09 - 11:29 am
Amazing a one horse town can

Amazing a one horse town can do something about noise. I wonder when rivercity will do the same? But I guess we don't want to upset the gang-bangers andd their national anthems Baboom, Baboom, Baboom, Baboom.

FallingLeaves 12/28/09 - 12:54 pm
disssman, my empathy, I moved

disssman, my empathy, I moved out of two neighborhoods that the noise problems combined with the other problems the same people brought to the neighborhood were contributing factors in moving again. The quality of life in this neighborhood is much better because I don't have to deal with loud babooms as you call them sitting in the driveway next door or banging away inside their house next door along with vulgar lyrics. Too much noise is definitely a factor in quality of life issues. It gets to rowdy, people don't want to live near you and will move if they can to get away from it, if nothing is done about it. I sure would like to take a poll to find out if this was a factor in a majority of moves out of Richmond County.

grinder48 12/28/09 - 01:28 pm
If there's a Georgia law that

If there's a Georgia law that that "requires all residents to keep an orderly house", why is there discussion of a nuisance law regarding Harrisburg? Just have the sheriff enforce the law ... in Harrisburg and across the county. Maybe we could stop looking like such a dump. Seriously, I do wonder what the complication is ... just enforce the law! Since H'burg is in D1, Matt Aitken needs to look into this.

corgimom 12/28/09 - 04:12 pm
The worst part is when the

The worst part is when the noise is so loud, the windows of your house vibrate with that God-awful THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.

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