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Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009 10:28 AM
Last updated Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010 9:34 AM
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Brenda Overstreet now sees why her son enjoys coming to the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival each year.

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Folk artist Michelle Elliott of Hendersonville, North Carolina writes out prices as she is framed by one of her paintings at the Saturday morning opening of Arts in the Heart in downtown Augusta, September 19, 2009.  John Curry/staff
John Curry/staff
Folk artist Michelle Elliott of Hendersonville, North Carolina writes out prices as she is framed by one of her paintings at the Saturday morning opening of Arts in the Heart in downtown Augusta, September 19, 2009.

“This year he asked me to come with him,” said the Augusta resident, who attended the festival for the first time. “It’s not what I had expected. I’m really enjoying it. I have a badge that I can use all weekend, so I’m going to try and come back out tomorrow.”

Their favorite part of the festival is seeing the different cultures in one place, she said.

“Sometimes you don’t realize how diverse Augusta is, but this shows you that there are a lot of cultures here,” she said. “You also get a chance to try some of the foods that you would normally have to go out and look hard to find.”

Ms. Overstreet is among hundreds who are attending the annual festival today in downtown Augusta.

The festival features numerous vendors showcasing their artwork; booths providing information about local museums and non-profit groups; and a variety of entertainment on four stages.

Attendees can also experience authentic food from countries such as Greece, Germany, Caribbean Islands, Ireland and Brazil.

Robbi Harrison has attended the festival for many years.

“We come out to see the artwork, which is always impressive, and sometimes to eat,” he said. “It’s a great place to come out and enjoy different cultures and the arts.”

There is still time to attend the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival which continues through tomorrow.

Other featured acts today include The Augusta Chronicle Singer-Songwriter Competition and the Shawn Mullins and Patrick Blanchard concert.


Here's today's and Sunday's schedule of events at the Augusta Common, 800 block between Broad and Reynolds streets. The cost is $7 at gate.


11 a.m.: Savannah River String Band

Noon: Chinese Dancers

1 p.m.: Alchemy Middle Eastern Dance Troupe (and students)

1:30 p.m.: The Dance Shoppe

2 p.m.: Augusta West Performing Company

2:30 p.m.: DRUM from Africa to Georgia

3 p.m.: Bellyrok

5 p.m.: The Augusta Chronicle Singer-Songwriter Competition

9 p.m.: Shawn Mullins and Patrick Blanchard


Noon: Augusta State University Conservatory Jazz Band

12:30 p.m.: Greek Dancers

1 p.m.: Nigeria cultural performances

1:30 p.m.: ABATSU and AJADACO dance

2:30 p.m.: Augusta Chorale

3:30 p.m.: Philippine Americans

4 p.m.: Foot Loose and Fancy Free Cloggers

4:30 p.m.: Columbia County Civic Orchestra

5:30 p.m.: Mangelly Belly Dancers

6 p.m.: Closing ceremonies



11:30 a.m.: Denise Cheeks School of Music

12:15 p.m.: Bethel Community Apostolic Church Choir

1 p.m.: James Buckland

2:15 p.m.: David Owen

3 p.m.: Patrick Reagan

3:45 p.m.: J.J. Walker

4:30 p.m.: Eddie McCoy

5:15 p.m.: Karen Gordon and Rejoice

6:15 p.m.: Doug and the Henry's

7 p.m.: Double D

8 p.m.: Mello D


Noon: John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School

2 p.m.: Double Ease

3 p.m.: Ryan Gay

4 p.m.: Mood Swings

5 p.m.: Vellotones

6 p.m.: Dew Hickies



11 a.m.: Company of Job

12:15 p.m.: Musical Theater Workshops

1:15 p.m.: CSRA Pee Wee Cheerleaders

1:30 p.m.: Augusta Youth School of Dance

2:30 p.m.: German Friendship Dancers

3 p.m.: Suzuki Violins

4 p.m.: Speed T and Lil Diamond

4:30 p.m.: Hayiya Dance Theatre

5 p.m.: Eastern Star Dance Theatre

6 p.m.: Fierce Fusion Belly Dance

6:30 p.m.: Envey Belly Dance Company

7 p.m.: Viva Panama, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, La Explosion Secreta!

8 p.m.: Kane and Co. Dance Productions

8:30 p.m.: Pride of Ireland Irish Dancers


Noon: Celtic Rhythm Irish Dancers

1 p.m.: Rhythm & Class Cloggers

2 p.m.: Cutno Dance Center

3 p.m.: Pulse Dance Center

3:30 p.m.: Edelweiss Dancers

4 p.m.: Youssef the Storyteller Vagabond Tales

4:45 p.m.: Savannah Winds



2:30 p.m.: Poetry Matters: Readings from the winners of the annual Poetry Month Tribute

3:45 p.m.: Book Swap

4 p.m.: Quality Poets Society's Open Microphone showcase, with lady VEE DaPoet and Maiysha "TruthSeeker" Chairborne


1 p.m.: How to Establish Relationships with Bookstores and Libraries

Also appearing: Tripp Bowden, Donna Brown, Joni Berry, Horace Mungin, Cowboy Mike Searles, Mike Ryan and Doug Joiner

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Getoverit2 09/19/09 - 11:17 am
The cost is $7 at gate. Why

The cost is $7 at gate. Why is there a charge, is this like Aiken's Maken? There is no charge at Aiken's Maken. Just wondering.

andywarhol 09/19/09 - 01:10 pm
I've been there twice. Wife

I've been there twice. Wife and I had to visit the Philippines stand, and I had to get a brat from Germany. Then passed the buttons on to someone else so they wouldn't waste their money.

STAK 09/19/09 - 01:19 pm
shame on

shame on you,andywarhol......for shame.....

disssman 09/19/09 - 04:45 pm
So for a family of foru it is

So for a family of foru it is only 28.00. Is that right and does it include anything?

jedex6 09/19/09 - 05:40 pm
So for seven dollars I get to

So for seven dollars I get to hoof around through unwashed, tattooed crowds in the steamy heat looking at crappy "art" and listening to blaring and ear-piercing noise from second and third rate bands? Or watch four year olds tap dancing? Or risk ptomaine poisoning from eating some over-priced roach coach slop masquerading as ethnic cuisine with a plastic fork while standing in the sun because there is no room in the trash-strewn "dining" tent? No thanks, Brenda Durant. Keep your kitschy carnival to yourself and let the real artists do the art. These people wouldn't make the twenty-fifth cut on America's Got Talent. Or the Gong Show.

FallingLeaves 09/19/09 - 05:57 pm
Such lovely sentiments,

Such lovely sentiments, jedex6. Why don't you come up with a better idea? I think I'll go check it out, sounds like fun to me. I've enjoyed this festival every year since it started, but I do think the entry fee should be between 3 and 5 dollars, not 5 and 7. My only regret is not having a larger discretionary budget so I can participate more and purchase some of the lively and/or lovely art. I did enjoy it better when it was in the shade, though. The commons is still much too hot.

jedex6 09/19/09 - 06:47 pm
Okay here's a better idea.

Okay here's a better idea. Buy a bus ticket to New York City. Take in the Met, the MOMA and a few shows at Lincoln Center. If there's still time see a concert by the Philharmonic. Or better yet, go to Europe. Visit all the big cities. London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice and maybe Moscow. Look at all the statues, architecture, art museums and churches and cathedrals. Don't forget Notre Dame in Paris should you be forced to choose between that and St. Peter's in the Vatican. Better yet, just include them both. Then get back to me.

susanerway 09/19/09 - 08:31 pm
My eight year old and I

My eight year old and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day at The Arts in the Heart of Augusta. There are so many hands on activities for the kids to do not to mention the cultural exposure. It was well worth the entry fee. (kids 10 and under are free) We plan on going back tomorrow to watch some more of the planned events. A full day of activity in a family friendly atmosphere is not easy to find around here.

jedex6 09/20/09 - 12:15 am
My point exactly. This is

My point exactly. This is something that appeals to eight year olds. It should not be marketed as art. A carnival, maybe. But who in Augusta would know the diference?

georgiasouthern 09/20/09 - 01:29 am
jedex6 for one to he ll with

jedex6 for one to he ll with the mets. Go braves. they can take on the crappy mets any day. Two, there is a whole lot more to this than the festival. Until you check out all of the events at the imperial, paine college, and the augusta commons then quit complaining. The festival may appeal to kids but it is doubtful you will see many kids at the other westobou events.

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