Robbery at Langley Reid's

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A robbery has occurred at Reid’s grocery store at 2587 Jefferson Davis Highway in Langley, S.C.

An Aiken County sheriff’s dispatcher said that they first received calls about the robbery at 6:12 p.m.

A man walked into the store and demanded money from a cashier. The dispatcher said that the man shouted that he had a gun but that no one could confirm actually seeing a weapon.

The robbery is still under investigation. No description of the robber has been made available.

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Bubba442 08/13/09 - 08:12 pm
Maybe if the leadership of

Maybe if the leadership of our community or country could produce more jobs all these robberies might subside(somewhat) In the future as more and more people lose their jobs and unemployment extensions run out, the peaceful easy times in our country could become less apparent.
The leadership of this country doesn't seem to have the futuristic vision of what will happen.Make no mistake about it,our senators,represenatives,councilmen and other elected officials could not see the catastrophic effects of letting illeagals flood our country.
As an example;(The use of Mexicans IS JUST AN EXAMPLE)
Illeagals ran medical costs sky high,took jobs,brought in fire ants,smuggled in tons of cocaine,just to mention a few.
I realize that the Mexican govt. is shabby(to say the least) but you Mexicans should stay home and enter the U.S. by law.
Our ancestors fought the British army for the freedom we celebrate today. You Mexicans should go home(Mexico) and straighten out your own country.
In conclusion our leadership is too stupid to stop the flow of illeagals Our leadership did not and still does not have the insight as to what lays ahead as a result of their current actions!

lew767 08/13/09 - 09:46 pm
Well! Well! Well! This whole

Well! Well! Well! This whole country is a counrty of illeagles if you look at it real close. What we did to the true natives.
A crook is going to rob no matter if the times are good or bad. I have not had a job for three weeks now but I am not robbing a damn bank to make ends meet. Nor a Chuckie Cheese! Come on over to Clarks Hill SC, and rob if I can catch you a box is waiting.

The Ode
The Ode 08/14/09 - 12:39 am
Good grief Bubba you are a

Good grief Bubba you are a mental midget. While the federal government has categorically failed to secure our nation's borders and fulfill one of their 2 purposes of existence, there is no justification to rob and violate the rights or property of another American citizen.

omnomnom 08/14/09 - 06:21 am
Reid's can saaaaave yooooou

Reid's can saaaaave yooooou moooneeyyyy

disssman 08/14/09 - 07:11 am
Bubba you forgot to mention

Bubba you forgot to mention the thousands serving in the military in Iraq, because the menof america are too afraid or stupid to serve their country.

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