Ads urge Rep. Barrow to support Democrat energy legislation

Monday, April 27, 2009 8:34 AM
Last updated 5:47 PM
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National groups are running local TV and print ads urging U.S. Rep. John Barrow to vote for Democrat-sponsored energy legislation.

An Environmental Defense Fund ad published in regional newspapers urged the Democrats -- whose 12th District includes portions of Richmond County -- to support the proposal.

A 30-second ad sponsored by will soon begin airing and continue for a week on local cable stations.

The measure, backed by President Barack Obama, would limit the emissions of greenhouse gases and is intended to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Greenhouse gases widely are considered a major cause of global warming, which many scientists say may wreak worldwide ecological havoc.

The legislation also would promote renewable sources of energy, low-carbon fuels, electric vehicles and energy efficiency in buildings, appliances, transportation and industry.

The TV ad features Zach Choate, described by as a Georgia veteran of the war in Iraq.

"It's crucial to our national security that we get off our dependence on foreign oil and towards clean energy," Choate says in the commercial. "Right now, billions in Middle East oil profits help fund terrorism."

The ad urges viewers to call Mr. Barrow and tell him to support the measure.

Mr. Barrow said Friday that he supports the president's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but was noncommittal on the legislation.

He noted that there are competing versions of the proposal.

"Although there are a lot of ideas on how to achieve that goal, we've not yet arrived at a consensus on exactly what any one program ought to look like," he said.

Mr. Barrow said he can't commit his support to anything until "all the pieces are in place."

"We have to make sure that we're not overloading an already weak economy by penalizing individuals," he said. "But it makes good sense for all of us to give positive incentives to folks who make smart choices about efficiency and the environment."

Most Republicans oppose the measure and say fees that would be imposed on industries that emit greenhouse gases would be passed on to the public.

Some foes of the measure say it would add hundreds of dollars a year to household utility bills and sink the economy deeper into recession. spokesman Eric Schmeltzer said the group doesn't plan to target congressman,Jack Kingston, a Georgia Republican.

Spokesman Chris Crawford said Mr. Kingston is against imposing fees on industries that emit greenhouse gases.

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mad_max 04/27/09 - 10:32 am
Hmmm, they fail to mention

Hmmm, they fail to mention that "" may sound like a legitimate web site but is not a web site and "" does seem to have any links or articles supporting this legislation. Anyway, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. This legislation will put huge fees on utilitities. They will not pay them. They will pass them down to YOU. YOU will pay these fees through huge increases in your power bill. Increases above and beyond what the GA Utilities Commission and Sonny have already done to you with their crooked deal with GA Power. Congressman Barrow, vote against this legislation as it stands and in any alternative legistlation protect the consumer. Make sure any fees you put on as a "carbon tax" are paid by the company and the stockholders, not the consumers. Oh no, that want work will it. What you tree huggers really want is for us to not heat or cool our houses to the level which we are comfortable. Why, because you do not have an affordable alternative energy source that will provide enough clean energy because you keep disapproving nuclear plants. Since you don't have any other solution the only plan you can come up with is to indirectly tax us until we cannot buy it.

egan01 04/27/09 - 02:31 pm
If you are worried about the

If you are worried about the 1.3 % increas for Georgia Power's nucular plant stand by the Cap&Trade Oboma wants will add about 50%

kissofdeath 04/27/09 - 03:30 pm
Another Republican myth about

Another Republican myth about the PRES.OBAMB energy legislation.Republican Governor Perdue just signed a utility bill increased for patrons.I guess pretty soon the economy will sink deeper into a recession.The Elephant Party need to get on the same page state and federal level about this utility increased because this party,Republican, will be like the dinosaur,EXTINCT.

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