Perdue slashes budget again

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ATLANTA - Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue slashed $1.6 billion in state spending from the budget for the coming fiscal year, but is using some $1.1 billion in federal stimulus dollars to soften the blow of the budget cuts.

Perdue, a Republican, said the state will accept federal money for the unemployment insurance fund, saying it would cost the state far less than it would deliver in federal cash.

Perdue's revised spending blueprint calls for state employees to pay about 5 percent more for their health insurance. It will cut Medicaid money to hospitals and ax money for the state's cash-starved network of trauma hospitals.

Perdue said he is not optimistic about tax collections picking up soon. The governor said there was a surge in tax refunds for Georgia residents in February.

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WorriedAboutOurFuture 03/03/09 - 06:15 pm
What a mental midget this gov

What a mental midget this gov is. He fits right in with the load of political hacks and morons enjoying their power to completely ruin our nations' economy while sitting in the lap of luxury they enjoy at our expense. What kind of idiot thinks it's better to plow money into unemployment insurance instead of keeping people employed AND PAYING TAXES? I guess we know.

LBenedict 03/03/09 - 06:19 pm
How about cutting welfare

How about cutting welfare benefits? How about cutting benefits for convicted felons living on our dime?

deadbroke98 03/03/09 - 07:18 pm
I agree LBenedict that

I agree LBenedict that welfare going to AIG is killing us....b

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 03/03/09 - 07:31 pm
Somebody needs to take the

Somebody needs to take the red pen out of Purdue's chubby little hand! I can't wait until that pinhead is OUT of office! You guys have valid points on the areas you brought up. Also, since it's in the article, the part of cutting Medicaid and money to the trauma centers is ridiculous. Believe it or not, there are so many restrictions on Medicaid now that people don't realize that other insurance companies follow Medicaid's other words, you may think it's a good thing for these cuts to be made, but I guarantee you that YOUR insurance company will follow it and YOU'LL be paying more! Trauma centers are one of those things that you have to have! The goverment officials do not care if they're there for us, because, chances are, THEY won't need them. Let a couple of them be killed after being in an accident and there's no competent trauma center to take them to, then we'll hear them crying about needing them!

Pay What U Owe
Pay What U Owe 03/03/09 - 07:32 pm
Seriously re: corporate

Seriously re: corporate welfare otherwise known as the most common and expensive kind. Also a nice fallacy of the Republicretins in general - "In times of distress, the private wealthy elite will rush to the aide of society, not the so called common good represented by the gov't". Wonder where they are now?

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