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The decor in the Sherrod house is like journal entries of worldwide travels.

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Clide and Ethel Sherrod's four-bedroom home in Park Place subdivision in west Augusta is close to shopping and to the major throughfares.  Zach Boyden-Holmes/Staff
Zach Boyden-Holmes/Staff
Clide and Ethel Sherrod's four-bedroom home in Park Place subdivision in west Augusta is close to shopping and to the major throughfares.

Clide Sherrod was in the military for 30 years and traveled with his family to numerous countries, including Germany, England, France, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Panama and Argentina.

Each room in the Park Place home he shares with his wife, Ethel Bryant-Sherrod, contains something from their excursions -- artwork, figurines, pictures, tea sets, clocks, chandeliers.

"When you're out getting that stuff, you're not really thinking about how important it could be later," Mr. Sherrod said. "You're just thinking, 'Oh, this something different or, oh, I like this.' "

His wife is fascinated by the details he can recall about the items and his travels. They been married for three years. Mr. Sherrod was a widower when they met.

"I love listening to him talk about the places he's been. I have heard some of these stories many times before, but I still can't remember everything," she said with a laugh. "But, Clide, now, he remembers it all."

Mr. Sherrod would like to take his wife to visit those countries.

"I want to take her to see Panama, Brazil and a few other places," he said.

For all the countries and places he's visited, there's no place like home, he said.

"Some of the other places are nice, but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats America," he said. "I'm proud to be from here, proud to be called an American."

Though the items fill the home with great memories, having each other and their families is what makes them happy, they said.

"We are some of the happiest people you'll ever meet," Mr. Sherrod said. "We love life and we love to laugh and smile. That's who we are, happy people."


Location: West Augusta

Average price of homes: $257,200

School zones: Forest Hills Elementary, Tutt Middle and Westside High schools

Neighborhood amenities: Neighborhood watch, close to Augusta Exchange shopping center, easy access to Bobby Jones Expressway and Interstate 20

THE FAMILY: Clide Sherrod and Ethel Bryant-Sherrod

THE HOME: 3,370-square-foot brick house with four bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths

IT'S A FACT: The couple had their wedding ceremony at the home.

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