Richmond County Schools asks for feedback

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Have an opinion about a Richmond County school?

Now's your chance to speak up. Starting at 2 p.m. today, two surveys open to the public will be posted on the school system's Web site, There will be a "community survey" and a "survey of beliefs" for parents, teachers, other staff and the community.

"The results of these surveys will enable us to identify our strengths, discover our weaknesses and seize opportunities for improvement," said school spokesman Louis Svehla.

The surveys will be available through Jan. 18 and will be filed anonymously, Mr. Svehla said. After that, the information will be analyzed and a "benchmark for comparison and progress tracking" will be developed, Mr. Svehla said.

"Our goal is to improve our educational environment and surveying can be a valuable tool to assess the climate for more strategic planning for the future," he said.

The survey for the community at-large first asks the person's gender, ethnicity and the school the person is associated with. The person will rate such things as a school's quality, its academic rankings and whether students' learning needs are met.

The other survey has participants note whether they are a parent, teacher, staff or community member and rank essential beliefs and learning priorities.


The surveys of Richmond County schools can be accessed at or at these links:



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christopherjandersen 12/22/09 - 07:56 pm
Added my comments to the

Added my comments to the survey. At the end there were three blocks to write free form comments on the one thing you like best about your school, one thing you liked least, and suggestions. I'll post my comments here as well but will have to do so in a few posts since Reader comments on this site are limited to 1200 characters and I am extremely long-winded.

One thing you like LEAST:

ONE thing I like least? Not sure that's possible as it is such a complete dump. I would have to go with racist attitudes of the staff. I moved to the district and was concerned that EVERY highschool in Richmond county had failing grades. How is that even possible? Thinking that pure numbers may not tell the whole story, I went to ARC to discuss things with the administrators. They told me that I had nothing to worry about because my child is white. They fail the the No Child Left Behind standards because they have a lot of black students who don't care about learning.

christopherjandersen 12/22/09 - 07:59 pm
(continued from previous) The

(continued from previous)
The counselor showed me though that the white students get a decent education and even assured me that since my white child was a good student, he would be place in the IB program... and that that meant he wouldn't be in any classes at all with all the disruptive black students who cause the school to get failing grades. Well, my son will NOT attend your racist school. This school system is a disgrace. I've lived all over the country and Richmond County school district is BY FAR the WORST system I've ever seen.

After the racist attitudes, there are plenty of concerns. I walked the halls and looked in at the classes. I saw classes filled with students sleeping on their desks. Holes in the walls and doors. Most of the walls in need of paint. Stairs in desperate need of repair. I watched the gym class as the obese teacher sat on her fat butt talking to another adult while 1/2 dozen kids goofed off playing basketball and rest of the students sat in the bleachers 1) talking, 2) sleeping or 3) making out with other students. What is wrong with you people?!?

christopherjandersen 12/22/09 - 08:00 pm
And from the suggestions

And from the suggestions block:
Fire the superintendent! Fire the principal! Clean the dump up. Get some paint on the walls. Fix the holes in the walls/doors. Realize that all students deserve your best efforts... not just the white or rich kids (BTW, I am white and have a decent income). Get rid of obese gym teachers. How can a fat tub of lard be expected to inspire students to live a healthy, active lifestyle? If you are just chalking my comments up to an irate irrational person, read my comments from the block above. In case you can't see those comments, I'll paste them below in this block as well. Your school is pathetic. Has to be among the worst in the entire country. No wonder the rest of the country looks at the South as an ignorant, racist embarrassment. It all starts with schools like ARC.

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