Empty stocking fund donations

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Previously acknowledged $29,739.27
In honor of Mary F D $50
John Schedel 100
M.D. Ventures, Inc 101
William and Darlene Blosser 50
From Hal and Carol Lents in memory of Bill Leggett 25
Robert and Ghadam Matz 50
From Curtis B. Baber in memory of Frances L. Baber 100
Patrick and Barbara Coleman 50
Dorothy Bryant 10
In memory of Jess, Mary, Bill, Linda and James B 100
James and Phoebe Crimmins 100
In memory of Neill Commins 25
Anne Cato 25
Anonymous 50
Henry Hicks III 50
Jim and Betty Murry 50
Tracie and Andrew Ronemus 25
Jerry Pearson 20
Adeline Kawano 50
Catherine and Donald Collins 25
In memory of the Miles Sisters, Olive, Mary and Mildred, Mae Bell Phillips and Charles Gorse 50
Jimmie and Jillian Adair 25
In loving memory of Chris Badke from Mom and Dad 500
Victor and Emma Vakoc 25
From Robby 25
Given in memory of Hank Schneider 15
Roy and Geraldine Atkins 40
Hughes/Beattie/O'Neal/Law & Assoc., P.C. 100
In memory of Mr. Leland Zeigler 100
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Hiers 100
In memory of my Son Ronnie 20
Anne Garris 20
Anonymous 100
In memory of grandson Justin Shelton by Mr. and Mrs. William Rawls 25
Arthur and Grace Humphries 100
Anonymous 10
Thomas Severynse 25
Charles and Janice Coleman 35
Jennifer Saxon 50
David and Jacquelyn Hogan 100
Maxine Ellis 61
Charles and Edith Mayer 50
In Thanksgiving for Jack and Hamp Helton 100
Love's Personal Care Facilities Inc. 100
Joyce Weil 30
In Jesus Name 25
Richard and Patricia Howard 25
Kathryn Seyberth 25
In memory of Mrs. Wilma Schiller and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Donati 50
Blessings from Jesus 25
Anonymous 5
Womens Veterans Club/Brickey's Troops 100
In loving memory of Our Opa from Brandon, Lauren, Ryan, Michael and Courtney 25
Daisy Sanders 100
Charles and Barbara Hamp 100
In loving memory of David M. McCoy 25
In memory of David McCoy 25
Sylvia Williams 20
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Burkhalter and F.L. Toole by Mary Lee Toole 100
Blue Burckhalter 50
Merry Christmas Natasha and Peter 50
Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas Marjorie and George Milne 25
Mrs. A. Nonney Mouse 15
In loving memory of our Dad and PaPa Nat and Traci 50
Ann Adams 20
In loving memory of Steven Boileau (Age: 3 months) 25
James and Judy Kicklighter 50
Michael and Barbara Downes 25
In memory of J. Logan Kitchen 25
Owen and Etta Smitherman 100
Anonymous 50
Krista and Covan Goodman 10
Barbara Murphy 25
John and Tamara Rutt 100
Anonymous 25
J.C. and Ellen Douglas 25
In memory of George P. Lamb Sr. 25
Given in memory of Thomas R. Burnside Jr. by Jane and Jerry Dye 100
Jeff, Elizabeth and Will 75
In memory of Kelly Ann Bellamy 50
In memory of Mr. L.W. Pruitt by Linda Pruitt Carstarphen 30
In memory of Kristen Brida Glenn 100
George and Barbara Rozelle 50
In memory of Art and Andy Jacobson 50
Elfriede and Donald George 150
Janice and Pete McDonald 100
In memory of Tam D. Belding Jr. 50
In memory of Elsie Mathews 100
Anonymous 100
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scaggs 25
Anonymous 300
In memory of Lois 200
In loving memory of J. Robert Scott 50
Sertoma Club of Augusta 200
Anonymous 25
Anonymous 100
Total today $6,062
Total this year $35,801.27

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19 plea not guilty in Irish Traveler case
COLUMBIA -- Nineteen of 22 people indicted in the federal case involving Irish Travelers and Murphy Village entered not guilty pleas Tuesday and received $25,000 unsecured bonds.