Woman dedicated to service amid own struggle

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EDITORS NOTE: Poverty is an equal opportunity offender, touching nearly every demographic group. One group is affected more often: single women who head households.

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Ms. Mickens talks with HPSO clients about services that are offered. She has been a volunteer with the organization since October 2008 and says she is able to serve better because of her own experiences.  Jessica Webb Sibley/Staff
Jessica Webb Sibley/Staff
Ms. Mickens talks with HPSO clients about services that are offered. She has been a volunteer with the organization since October 2008 and says she is able to serve better because of her own experiences.

These households experience the highest poverty rates nationally, in Georgia and South Carolina, and in the three-county Augusta area.

Thursday and today, The Augusta Chronicle profiles some of the women facing poverty and their difficulties, youths who come from these households and what can help decrease the high poverty rate of a city such as Augusta.

Most people would never guess Linda Mickens' financial situation by looking at her.

The 46-year-old Augusta woman is polished, well spoken and volunteers almost full time at Helping People Start Over, a Christian nonprofit organization on Gordon Highway that assists people in need of food, clothing or other services. She has a two-year associate's degree in early childhood care/education and has taken college-level business and psychology classes.

She regularly attends church at New Life Christian Center and is the mother of a teenage daughter, Christian, a high school senior. She also has an adult daughter and two grandchildren.

She's also living at the poverty level. Because of illness and life circumstances, she is unable to work. Her economic problems started six months after her divorce nine years ago, when child-support payments from her ex-husband stopped. She was married for five years, Ms. Mickens said.

"I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. The only thing that stayed current was the rent, to keep from being evicted. The electric was behind one month, gas one month, water -- just kind of keeping things afloat to keep anything from being turned off," Ms. Mickens said.

Things had gotten better for a while, but she's back in the same situation again. She lives in a rented home and uses EBT to provide food for her family. She said that she pays her "bills through blessings," sometimes getting donations from church, people she knows and some she doesn't. God's timing is not our timing, she said, but a day or two before things are due she'll either receive a donation or something works out in her favor.

She receives child-support payments sporadically. Her daughter has a good relationship with her father, but the financial support isn't always there, she said.

"I think he thinks it doesn't matter anymore. I won't say that he has not tried to help out, but to say he's paying child support -- he's not coming close to what they've ordered him to pay," Ms. Mickens said.

Ms. Mickens suffers from migraines that have rendered her unable to work. She is receiving extensive medical testing, and her headaches are so severe that she has the physical symptoms of Bell's palsy, such as paralysis or weakness on one side of her face. Her medicine has added to her difficulties, with side effects such as hallucinations and memory loss. She also has back problems and relies on Medicaid for her medical care.

"I think finding any kind of employment would be difficult because of the medical problems that I'm going through," she said.

She's debating whether to apply for Supplemental Security Income. She said she believes if she did it would be like giving up and accepting that she will never get better. To keep from accepting defeat, she tries to fight through her current situation, she said.

During her marriage, she worked in the public school system as a paraprofessional and later became a substitute teacher. In 2005 she began having migraines that lasted all day, she said.

Two years later she was working as a customer-service rep at a local cable company when she had to go on short-term disability for her migraines. At the same time her daughter became ill and needed surgery to remove a tumor in January 2008. Ms. Mickens needed to stay with her daughter at the hospital, but her employer wanted her to return to work, so she was fired. Since then she has tried unsuccessfully to find a job.

SHE'S VOLUNTEERING to help the same group of people to which she also belongs. Ms. Mickens said she relies on her faith in God for strength. Many days she cries and prays. The situation has both tested and built her faith, she said.

"I had to get to the point of looking at where I was in my walk with the Lord and looking at who my source is. That makes all the difference, even when the times are hard and you don't really see it in the natural, knowing in the spiritual that things will be OK," Ms. Mickens said.

She calls her work at Helping People Start Over her ministry. She has been volunteering with the organization since October 2008. She hopes it might turn into a full-time job, but that's not why she keeps coming back.

"I think I've actually found my calling. I really don't see myself doing anything else. God gave me a vision a long time ago of helping people," she said.

On a typical day, she operates the front desk and prepares boxes of food for those in need. Before they leave, she prays with them. In the future, she wants to have a facility to assist women and children.

"I never knew there was such a need for food and clothing and people needing to be ministered to. The hurt that people carry around makes your problems seem so minute," Ms. Mickens said. "Not to diminish what's going on in your life, but to realize, 'I have to do something. Whatever it takes.' It keeps you coming back. ...

"I tell them, 'It's for me, too. It's not just for you.' It's an amazing thing."

IT HELPS THAT her daughter is understanding, Ms. Mickens said. Despite the typical challenges of the teenage years, the mother and daughter have a close relationship. On a recent Saturday afternoon they were at home cooking chicken wings, talking and listening to contemporary gospel music.

Ms. Mickens said she has always tried to keep her daughter in a decent neighborhood so that she wouldn't grow up with negative influences.

"She's actually made the comment that she's spoiled, that she's never went without anything that she wanted, and she shocked me when she said that," Ms. Mickens said. "I figured that she's gone without lots of things that she's wanted. I felt so bad that I couldn't give her the things she wanted and needed."

She said her daughter doesn't realize, however, what she's had to go through to make ends meet. Christian is a senior this year, so there are extra expenses they can't afford, such as senior pictures.

"It's affecting her more this year than it has before," she said.

Still, her daughter remains on track. She's 11th in her class and wants to attend college and become a neurologist. She's a varsity cheerleader and belongs to numerous academic clubs, including the debate team and academic decathlon. She is also in training for youth leadership positions at her church.

Ms. Mickens fights to remain positive.

"God allows us to experience things," she said. "If I had not gone through the struggles of not knowing how my bills were going to get paid, where my next meal was going to come from or facing eviction, or going through pain or waiting and not knowing, I wouldn't know how to help these people. I wouldn't have this true compassion for them. Since I've walked that walk, I can relate."

Reach LaTina Emerson at (706) 823-3227 or latina.emerson@augustachronicle.com.


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Christ Episcopal Church

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Woman dedicated to service amid own struggle

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WAG 11/27/09 - 07:12 pm
Half the population works and

Half the population works and is on some type of pain medication...you are nuts

corgimom 11/27/09 - 07:25 pm
WAG, there are millions of

WAG, there are millions of healthy people that can't find jobs, yet in your head she could find a job, when I have explained to you that hiring an employee that takes opiate and narcotic pain medicine voids an employer's Workmans' Comp insurance. And you call ME nuts. Got it. I'm still wondering who you think should qualify on welfare, since in your head nobody ever becomes too ill to work. I would also like to add that in order to work, you must be dependable and reliable and show up to work every day, but I guess in your head ill people are able to do that.

happychimer 11/27/09 - 07:37 pm
One day all those slamming

One day all those slamming this woman will remember the horrible things they have said. My dad had a serious stomach ulcer. He had surgery to remove over half his stomach to save his life.There were those who claimed he was not that sick. About 3 yrs later he had emphysema, and the same ones said there was nothing wrong with him. I watched him slowly die from that horrible disease, while a few people talked about him behind his back. After he died, an uncle of mine got a stomach ulcer and emphysema at the same time. He was the main one who said there was nothing wrong with my dad. So those of you talking bad about this woman should be careful of stones that you throw.

KSL 11/27/09 - 08:12 pm


Doyougetitnow 11/27/09 - 08:15 pm
I personally know migraines.

I personally know migraines. Crawl in a soundproof, dark room, pull a pillow over your head, hope nobody breathes, PAIN. When it gets actually bad, comes the vomiting, made worse by the convulsions. Those episodes happened while I was in the military (currently treated & migraine free). WAG, Tylenol (pain medication) doesn't work on migraines. I hope you never suffer an actual migraine, not just a "real bad headache" (or hangover). I'm impressed with this woman for doing what she can with what she has. AND raising a smart kid to boot. My current workplace has fired several over the last year for the assumption that they were "under the influence". In my current job, under the influence will get you killed. I'd rather pay her SSI than be forced to have her as a coworker.

KSL 11/27/09 - 08:26 pm
I have also suffered from

I have also suffered from migraine headaches and other symptoms of migraines in the past. I'm not impressed. Thankfully I no longer have them.

SusieQ 11/27/09 - 09:37 pm
There's jobs out there,

There's jobs out there, people just don't want to do the work. They want jobs where they can have long nails and look beautiful all the time. Plenty of people looking for home workers. I just got rid of mine because I thought what she was charging was way too much for what she did. $65.00 for 3 hours and I furnished all supplies.

KSL 11/27/09 - 10:46 pm
LC, reduce your message into

LC, reduce your message into short posts. Your attitude does not entice me to read that long of a message. Small doses please, due to your attitude. Same reason I don't read Cain anymore.

smec29 11/27/09 - 11:16 pm
Not everyone is out to work

Not everyone is out to work the system. I do not know this lady but can relate to her. I work, and always have. I also suffer from migraines but not to the extent of some people. Mine happen every once in a while; vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound...and yea the cold bedroom with a frying pan pressed into your temple is sometimes the only thing to relieve a little bit of the pain. In GA it is legal to be fired at any point in time for no reason at all. So for this woman to suffer this way and not be able to work is not that far out there as some of you would believe.

Roeschen 11/27/09 - 11:21 pm
Corgimom - where in this

Corgimom - where in this story does it state she is taking opiates or narcotics? The article states "she volunteers almost full-time". If you can volunteer almost "full-time", you can work "almost full'time". If a person who is mentally handicapped can work "almost full-time" to support herself, surely this woman can find a job to support herself and her daughter. Why rely on the hardworking public to do your job for you? Again, most people I know have aches, pains, migraines, or some handicap or other. And they work.

WAG 11/28/09 - 01:02 am
My point exactly...I do not

My point exactly...I do not want to get up and go to work either. But I like to eat and I like a nice place to live. so I go. If she can get up and go volunteer everyday she can work. Like I said I believe in helping people but this is rediculous.. What is this story supposed to convey???? Lovely that she volunteers but she needs to get a job.. I am tired of feeding and paying for her medical care.. I had to go back to work to get medical inurance. She can do the same..There are lots of people out there worse off than migraines and they still work because they can not get assistance.. Like I said get a job!!!!!

baronvonreich 11/28/09 - 01:52 am
If she can volunteer "almost

If she can volunteer "almost full time" then she can get a J O B. Stop spreading your legs and having children you can't afford.

jewel 11/28/09 - 05:41 pm
Careful all of you.

Careful all of you. 600,000.00 plus jobs were lost last month.
Your day is coming............

corgimom 11/28/09 - 07:57 pm
I'm still waiting for all the

I'm still waiting for all the posters who know of all these employers that will hire an obviously ill woman who takes medicine that makes her hallucinate. And Roeschen, what, do you think she takes, Tylenol and Aleve? Very strong pain meds make many people hallucinate. She has more than "aches and pains" and migraines. To project your level of illness on her is astounding. Did you read the part about how she is undergoing extensive neurological testing? Is that true for you, Roeschen, since you are positive that her headaches are just like yours? The church lets her work when she is able to. Who are the employers that let their employees have unlimited sick days? How many employers hire sick people? It's really sad to see the mean-spirited posts on here.

corgimom 11/28/09 - 08:01 pm
So SusieQ, why don't you

So SusieQ, why don't you offer her a job? And then tell your homeowner's insurance who you are employing and that she is ill and that she gets hallucinations from her meds. Then wait for the notice that your homeowner's insurance just got cancelled. It'll happen so fast, your head will spin.

SusieQ 11/28/09 - 08:36 pm
Already been replaced with

Already been replaced with someone else. Word gets out you know, she probably wouldn't pass the requirements anyway.

heavensent0826.comcast.n 11/29/09 - 12:27 am
Just wanted to let ya'll know

Just wanted to let ya'll know that Linda is a great woman. I great woman of GOD and he will bless her no matter what your comments say. She is doing what our FATHER has told her to do. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

WAG 11/29/09 - 01:09 am
Well God told me since my

Well God told me since my head hurts I still gotta go to work onMonday..
I am sure she is a great woman. A great woman that lives off the system...Why is the childs father not paying child support? is he on welfare also.... she needs to get a job and pay taxes jjust like I do...I am tired of paying for her and others like her to live.
I do not get free medical or food stamps. If she can voulunteer all the the time she can work..

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