Scott would follow husband's path if elected

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Patsy Scott is a proponent of keeping fit, often going for walks at Augusta Mall and participating in water aerobics.

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Patsy Scott, a candidate for District 5 Richmond County School Board, campaigns on the corner of Wrightsboro and Highland on Wednesday, October 7, 2009.  Jackie Ricciardi/Staff
Jackie Ricciardi/Staff
Patsy Scott, a candidate for District 5 Richmond County School Board, campaigns on the corner of Wrightsboro and Highland on Wednesday, October 7, 2009.

But lately she's been keeping busy waving signs as early as 6:30 a.m. throughout the Richmond County school board's District 5.

"We are going to the people and asking for their vote," said Mrs. Scott, one of three candidates running for the seat, which is up for grabs in the Nov. 3 election. "We've just been really busy, but it's been good. I've met a lot of people."

Mrs. Scott, 67, is the widow of Joe Scott, who was the District 5 trustee when he died July 25. Mrs. Scott said she wants to build on his efforts.

"This is nothing that I had ever planned to do," she said, but running "is something I know he would have wanted me to do."

Mrs. Scott, who attends Tabernacle Baptist Church and calls herself a "biblical person," is quick to say she's not out to compare herself with her husband.

However, she hopes to carry on the tradition of her husband, who she said believed in transparency, wise spending of taxpayer dollars, that all children could learn and that politics should be taken out of the school system.

"He just totally believed in that, and I believe in it, too," she said.

Mrs. Scott said she has tutored schoolchildren for more than 20 years and is a retired operating room nurse preceptor with the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

A native of Hampton, S.C., she has lived in Augusta for 45 years and has been retired for 12.

"I feel like I have the energy, and I have the time to give up my service to the school system," she said.

If elected, she said, she would work to ensure students have access to needed resources, keep parents informed of issues and support good pay for teachers.

"I just want to be there for teachers and the community," she said.


AGE: 67

BACKGROUND: Retired operating room nurse preceptor with the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE: CSRA Board of Mental Health; board of directors of the Association of Operating Room Nurses CSRA Chapter No. 1104, as vice president and president; secretary, Glenn Hills High School PTA; Richmond County PTA Council; board member, Phi Chi chapter of Chi Eta Phi nurses sorority.

PLATFORM: More emphasis on pre-K through 12th-grade investments; offering "professional pay" for teachers in an effort to retain high-quality educators; focusing on the school system's dropout rate; helping students compete on a national level; eliminating bullying and harassment on campuses; providing healthy food options

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disssman 10/11/09 - 09:20 am
Thats what we need for

Thats what we need for teachers - more pay. As it is the top ten percent of k-12 only make about 120,000 a year in pay and benefits for their hard work. I hope she can get some trabsparency in the system, especially the budget process. I also find it amusing she is running for a public elected office and wants to keep politics out of the process? I would like to see someone elected that knows the superintendent works for the board and not the other way around.

Emerydan 10/11/09 - 10:22 am
It sounds like her whole

It sounds like her whole campaign revolves around "keeping the tradition." Excuse me? What is this some sort of dynasty? That's what we need to get away from in Augusta, these political dynasties where people think they have some birthright to serve in a particular office.

justus4 10/11/09 - 12:47 pm
"politics should be taken

"politics should be taken out" of the school system is not a novel idea, but trying to campaign on it is a bit different. School boards and politics are as connected as one can imagine and then its even closer. Ms Scott do have the right to run, so let the people decide.

Jonas 10/11/09 - 07:45 pm
The problem with education in

The problem with education in Georgia is the fact that you can teach for 1 year then find some rinky dink school on the internet and get "degrees" until you make 50,000 a year. Teachers are not held responsible for their actions. Many don't care- they are there to get a check. Some do care and I know that it is a hard job but there is a lot of trash in the school system. They make more than you think they make and they don't even want to earn that!! They know the salary before they take the job. Most of the teachers weren't really good students in college and and question whether or not they are smart enough to teach anyone!!

lifelongresidient 10/13/09 - 08:59 am
please no more legacy board

please no more legacy board members, being a retired nurse what qualifications lends her to be the best candiddate, that is the problem with richmond county government and/or school board..too many legacy members. because a spouse served does not mean or entitle the surviving spouse to feel they are qualified to fill that seat. what richmond county school board/commission needs are those who have at least an educational backround in economics, civics, budgeting(not household, but the government budgeting process) and finance in order to understand the ramifications of their spending decisions. if she is campaigning on "continuing or building on what her husband had started" then she is definitley not qualified, because where was he when all of these athletic venues were/are being built while teachers are getting laid off, not enuff textbooks for all of the students, an outright failure to hold students accountable for their actions, a willingness not to rid the schools of all the disruptive, violent and troublemaking students that make it almost impossible for teachers to teach and students who want to learn, to learn.

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