Elect Patsy Scott to the school board

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Although all of us are saddened by the sudden loss of school board member, community leader and retired educator Joe Scott, I am reassured that his legacy of caring for the well-being of the students, parents and teachers in the Richmond County school system will carry on in the person of Patsy Scott, his wife of 44 years.

During her time in Augusta, she has made it an important part of her life to become involved in the lives of students in the Augusta area. Aside from her professional obligations as a nurse for 33 years at the VA, she has served as a mentor for more than 20 years at T.W. Josey and Lucy Craft Laney Comprehensive high schools, in addition to playing an integral role in the Youth Mentoring Ministry at Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Organized, hard-working, congenial and firmly grounded in her community, Patsy Scott possesses the integrity and mental fortitude not only to maintain her husband's legacy, but to usher in a new era of fiscal responsibility and educational opportunity for the students, educators and parents she will serve in District 5.

Leroy Rogers


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ColdBeerBoiledPeanuts 09/09/09 - 06:06 am
Why, so we can have another

Why, so we can have another Betty Beard in Augusta Politics?

ColCo 09/09/09 - 06:46 am
I have never understood the

I have never understood the logic of the survivor succeeding their deceased political spouse.

mad_max 09/09/09 - 11:11 am
Mr. Scott may well have had

Mr. Scott may well have had the best interest of students are heart and Mrs. Scott may too. But Mr. Scott cost the Richmond County taxpayer tons of money by calling for so much of OUR money to go into minority holdback contracts. Most people who run for the school board have the best interests of the kids at heart. At this juncture in time we need someone who will also balance the best interests of the taxpayer and getting the most product or service for the least amount of money when the school board lets contracts with OUR TAXPAYER MONEY. As the other commenter pointed out, having the spouse automatically inherit a political position does not always work out real well for the taxpayer as in the case of Blackmail Betty. Mrs. Scott may well be a qualified person but do not hand her the position automatically out of sympathy. Examine her positions on ALL of the decisions she will be voting on. Make sure she wants to do what's best for ALL, not just a few minority businesses. The school board spends the MAJORITY of your local tax dollars. We yell and scream at our commissioners and most of us do not even know who we have elected to the school board. Start examining these people.

Rozzie2003 09/09/09 - 02:01 pm
A very good choice to replace

A very good choice to replace Joe.
Mrs. Scott is quite a lady and will make sound and sane decisions.
Vote for Patsy!!!!!

bettyboop 09/09/09 - 06:03 pm
no more spouse fill

no more spouse fill ins...betty beard was enough to show you it doesn't work!

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