Involve patients in health care reform

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In response to Victor Reilly's June 23 letter ("Work toward single-payer health plan"), Mr. Reilly seems to be confused. All the examples he lays out in support of allowing the federal government to operate our health care system do nothing but reinforce the reasons we should fight this.

He mentions federal government assurances of safety through the Food and Drug Administration, yet every year more approved medications are recalled after maiming and killing our fellow citizens. He mentions the federal government regulation of banks, yet it was this same regulation and forcing the banks to make subprime loans that pushed us into our current economic woes. He mentions federal government running our schools, yet we have one of the most expensive school systems in the world and our students do not rank anywhere near the top of the world's student rankings to justify that expense.

Mr. Reilly then moves on to the shining examples of Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. Medicare and Medicaid are currently out of money. The taxes that current workers are contributing are being used to pay today's bills. There is no reserve, and these services will not be available to me when the population of beneficiaries exceeds the contributors. Many health care providers currently are not accepting Medicare patients because Medicare will not pay a reasonable amount for their services. The VA also is on the short list, and there are talks of reducing benefits to the brave souls who have fought to protect us. Unfortunately, they can't protect us from the federal government.

To see true reform of our system, we must get the patients involved. If I am not involved in paying for my services, I will not fight to get the prices lowered or shop for the best deal. How many more bloated, inefficient, morally corrupt federal government programs can we stand?

Barry Baggott

North Augusta, S.C.

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carcraft 06/26/09 - 05:26 am
Very good repost Mr. Baggott,

Very good repost Mr. Baggott, ecellent points, well done sir.

patriciathomas 06/26/09 - 06:41 am
It is the goal of Prezbho to

It is the goal of Prezbho to socialize the health care industry. Higher costs that will be shared by all taxpayers. Sieg Heil.

southernguy08 06/26/09 - 09:10 am
"A government big enough to

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have." Libs ignore this fact.

mad_max 06/26/09 - 09:50 am
It is simple logic. Money and

It is simple logic. Money and medical resources are limited. You cannot increase medical care for some without decreasing medical care for some. If you are happy with your medical care, you will be getting less of it and paying more for it. Don't be fooled. Government has never improved on any system and it always costs more because of paying the bureaucracy to mismanage it. There will not be any "savings" and even if there were they would be eaten up by the salaries of the civil servants who will be deciding if you can have your hip replacement or not.

jack 06/26/09 - 11:20 am
BimbObama has already said he

BimbObama has already said he will pay for part of hsi reform/socialized medicine by taking $3B from medicare/medicai. Just what do those over 65 (the elederly) and the working "poor" that use meicaid the lefties are always whining about do when these programs are cut?

BenDoubleCrossed 06/26/09 - 12:58 pm


Is providing health care an enumerated power or responsibility of the Federal Government?

The Federal Government lacks any authority to preach fiscal responsibility. It has exhibited none in my lifetime and has reduced the wealthiest nation on the planet to world's biggest debtor nation.

But Ma and Pa citizen have had to balance a checkbook their entire lives. The solution is to return control of health care spending to them.

Pass a law making it illegal for an employer to offer health insurance as an employee benefit. End wage stagnation and give employees raises instead.

Doing away with group health insurance and forcing insurance providers to compete for individual business will permit cost conscious Ma and Pa to shop for the best deal, like they do auto insurance. Then the free market will bring costs under control!

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