Ballpark plan not fully thought through

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Something is just too fishy about Cal Ripken and Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver pushing relentlessly for a downtown baseball stadium. The present stadium is well-built, beautiful and in a lovely natural setting overlooking Lake Olmstead.

What cries out for a new building downtown is a state-of-the-art center for the performing arts, and a new space for the Morris Museum to display its vast and varied collection. When industries look at a new town to locate in they always look for a performing arts center. That is what brings people downtown to frequent restaurants and shops. Most major cities that have downtown baseball stadiums had the arts center and museums first!

In times of financial hardship, don't borrow money for something that we already have. And if land for this venture is to be given away, shouldn't such a decision be put before the people?

Harriet Dolin, Augusta

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librrb 05/04/09 - 09:01 am
I totally agree with you! A

I totally agree with you! A new performing arts center on that property is exactly what we really need. How can we get the "powers that be" to recognize that fact?

It would be a horrible shame to waste that prime property on a baseball stadium when our current stadium is perfectly adequate and in an excellent location. A state of the art performing arts center there would draw many more people downtown. I would like to see statistics comparing the annual number of users of the baseball stadium versus the number of participants and audience members of arts performances in Augusta.

createyourfuture 05/04/09 - 11:28 am
I don't know about you, but

I don't know about you, but I'd rather go to baseball downtown than go out to the projects.
Since the James Brown arena lost its biggest tenant, the Augusta Lynx, then let it be renovated into a performing arts center and move all the second tier shows to the Bell. The Imperial and the Miller with some stimulus funds could be renovated and used. I was at a performance of Dance Augusta, which was excellent, but poorly attended. The GreenJackets have had several sell-outs; I'm not seeing the performing arts do so well.
Bring people downtown, that is the trend nationwide.

The Knave
The Knave 05/04/09 - 12:01 pm
Amen, Sister Harriet. There

Amen, Sister Harriet. There are noxious, odoriferous vapors of the scaled-creature variety emanating from the Marble Palace. I don't know what variety they might be -- hake, tench, bream, rudd, cod, herring, haddock, chub, plaice ,trout, ling,carp,tuna, gurnard, mackerel, pollock, roach, sild or tope. I do know that when standing downwind on a day that Deke and Cal are secretly plotting in the Palace, the vapors are particularly strong. And, holy mackrel, Ole Deke doesn't even realize that the Boy from Baltimore knows that he is dealing with a rube whose pockets (filled with taxpayers' money) he is determined to pick.

SargentMidTown 05/04/09 - 07:33 pm
Keep the stadum where it is

Keep the stadum where it is and turn Olmstead Homes into a guest lodge for ball park goers. Getting rid of the generational welfare people will make the city safer and better for everyone.

RonRoberts 05/04/09 - 07:40 pm
Gosh, first the paper's owner

Gosh, first the paper's owner (thru his puppets on the editorial board) voices his disdain for the ONE project on the river his hands aren't ALL you see in this paper are letters submitted that oppose the project - DESPITE the fact that no financing plan has been even laid out, yet. Odd, eh? Folks, THIS is why the daily newspaper business is struggling. Here's an idea...print the story - just the facts, Chronicle. The fact is - there's no OTHER use for this property that would impact the economy of downtown and its businesses as would a 5,000 seat baseball/multi-use stadium. If there's an idea (and no, a museum or performing arts venue would NOT draw as many visitors as a stadium would - please...) that trumps it, let's hear it.

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