'Disgusting' doesn't cover it

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"They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, famously speaking last year about small-town Americans

Some in the "mainstream" media seem to have the same dim view of many Americans.

It's sickening, really, to see how news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC "covered" the nationwide tea parties on Wednesday. After providing precious little advance coverage -- a good way to hold down the crowds, one supposes -- they openly mocked participants, even doing so in subtly profane ways.

Amazingly, anchors such as Anderson Cooper on CNN and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC snickered about the participants at the tea parties being "teabaggers" and "teabagging" -- knowing full well that the term is slang for a disgusting sexual act. At one point, a guest on Maddow's show even explained that.

Although on separate, competing networks, they seemed to be working from the same sordid script with the same dismissive narrative. Curious.

It was disgusting and reprehensible, and a full-throttle insult of everyone who attended these protests to express legitimate concern about the direction of the country.

In one of the most unprofessional acts of "journalism" we've ever seen, CNN's Susan Roesgen "covered" a tea party by combatively peppering a young father with leading questions, arguing with him, then giving up and disparaging the entire event as "anti-CNN."

Illegal immigrants marching in U.S. streets demanding tax-paid services and citizenship from the country they entered illegally got better treatment from the media.

It appears that CNN and others were so far behind the curve on the tea party movement that they ceded coverage to Fox News Channel -- then, ironically, used the rival network's coverage as a reason not to take the events seriously.

How utterly sad -- for both the country and for any semblance of journalism left. Easily over 100,000 concerned Americans interrupted their busy lives Wednesday to commiserate over the financial future of the nation. And for their trouble, major news networks laugh, call them names and walk away.

It says much more about the news gatherers than the people they so arrogantly look down on.

When Republicans were in charge, dissent was considered the highest form of patriotism.

Now, apparently, it's just a joke.

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FallingLeaves 04/18/09 - 07:59 pm
This is exactly what

This is exactly what criminals are gleeful about. Divide and conquer. What a waste.

KSL 04/18/09 - 09:08 pm
Tech, I can't say the rest,

Tech, I can't say the rest, shaking hands and actually making negative comments about the country you are the president of are two different things. All Americans, no matter what their views are, should be outraged at our "leader" doing that.

TechLover 04/19/09 - 08:15 am
River: Wow, they have

River: Wow, they have suppositories for wanted actual facts and the truth? You Repubs need 'em by the case. PT: Yes you've said it quite a few times you just haven't backed it up. I guess you think you're the all wise all kowing oracle of these posts so anything you say must be true. I can say I play guitar better then Chet Atkins used to 100 times a day but it ain't the truth. Is it so hard to give numbers or a source. Since it's a made up statistic and not fact, you bet it is.

corgimom 04/19/09 - 11:52 am
Remember how there was a big

Remember how there was a big uproar about the economic stimulus providing money to research hog odor and manure? And people went ballistic about it? Most people know that hogs are similar to humans in some ways- think pig heart valves being used in heart valve surgery, and diabetics' insulin, and vaccines, so they are critical to our nation's health- but because of their similarities, many diseases that hogs have carry over to humans through their manure, called zoonotic diseases. Brucellosis. Campylobacterosis. E, coli. Salmonella. Tuberculosis. Swine erysipelas (a staph infection carried by swine that can kill people.) Swine Influenza. Trichomosis. A form of coli that causes severe colitis in humans. And that's just a short list. And that these disesases seep underground and contaminates everyone's water for years? What if you knew that scientists are starting to think that US flu epidemics are started and carried by hogs and the flies that feed on their manure? And that it is just a matter of time before the US has another flu pandemic? And that sometimes, what is seen as wasteful spending on the surface actually has great benefit to us but that's not stated by the media?

conservator 04/19/09 - 09:21 pm
Thank you. I agree. I'm proud

Thank you. I agree. I'm proud call myself a conservative. The slang Anderson Cooper used isn't in my dictionary but he's obviously comfortable with it. Communist China seems happy to buy stock in America. Once you finish defending your over zealous, over spending president why don't you focus on human rights issues. He's befriending human rights violators. It's illegal in many socialist countries to be openly gay, Christian, having sexual relations outside marriage and opposing the "dictator". Our president is shaking hands and inviting diolog with leaders who believe in the death penelty for the above infractions. If you think American shouldn't have the right to voice opposition with the government than you should remember that it's a two way street. Bush bashing became a daily ritual for eight years. Some of you anti-tea party commentators are still bashing him. May I remind you, Bush isn't doing the spending now. This President has spend more in his short term than Bush did in one term. Your guy still wants to keep the war going. He's backing the Afgan war and can't get out of Iraq. Are you still going to support him in four years if he still has troops there?

toldya 04/20/09 - 11:02 am
Not that I am the most

Not that I am the most sexually intelligent person the planet- but WTH are they talking about re; teabagging and sexual innuendo?

TiredTiredTired 04/22/09 - 03:00 am
Wow, looks like hate is still

Wow, looks like hate is still hot stuff around here. Who do you people think should be the president, since you've already failed Obama? Who do you have who can balance the dirty work of politics with patience, compassion and intellectual curiosity? What are you going to do, support Palin? Jindal? Gingrich? Limbaugh? Do you honestly think that Reaganomics was a good thing? Can't you see that the last 30 years of "conservativism" have been building to this economic crisis? Can you differentiate between spending on things we need (Obama) and lining the pockets of the already wealthy at the expense of everything else (Reagan-Bush)? How about getting together to figure out how how to rebuild our schools, environment and industry instead of throwing your teabags around?

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