Limit on watering tightens for some

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Georgia's strictest limits on outdoor watering were reimposed Tuesday in a 55-county region that narrowly excludes Richmond and Columbia counties.

Under an order issued by Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Carol Couch, the area facing the most severe drought includes Lincoln and Wilkes counties in east Georgia and extends north and west to encompass metro Atlanta and much of the upper Savannah River Basin.

Those counties, designated as suffering from a Level 4 drought, face an array of restrictions that include hand watering no more than 25 minutes a day on an even-odd schedule.

This year, Dr. Couch added a provision to allow the use of soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems three days a week.

Augusta and Columbia County will remain in a Level 2 drought designation, meaning residents will continue to follow the same rules as last summer: Watering is allowed from midnight to 10 a.m. on an even-odd schedule.

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db16 03/04/09 - 08:45 am
Here is my take on this

Here is my take on this watering restriction-
#1...I pay for my water and Columbia County just informed all of it's customers that the rates will be increasing, so I feel that I should be able to water if my pockets can afford it
#2...We (Each resident of CC) are being screwed out of about $4.00-5.00 per month for Storm Water Utility...SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT THIS IS?
#3...Water is the most abundant resource on is not disappearing...
#4...we just had about 4" of rain in some areas this past I would imagine the drought has lightened a little bit?
#5...Get ready for Electric and Gas Restrictions in the coming years!

mad_max 03/04/09 - 12:04 pm
I think this biggest travesty

I think this biggest travesty is "Conserve Water", then "Oops, people are not using as much water so we need to raise the rates". "Use less gas", "Oops, people are using less gas so we need to raise the gas tax". I believe these are indicative of ALL government policies. Basically, if the government makes ANY policy and forces down our throats you can bet that (1) It isn't to our benefit, and (2) It will cost us a lot more money. People need to wake up and get government micro-managing out of our lives. This is particularly true with the current administration in Washington as they are implementing some of the most instrusive policies ever by dictating personal values that are normally left to states and local communities and telling us that every problem can be cured with a tax on something.

gnx 03/04/09 - 11:01 pm
db16 - The storm water

db16 - The storm water utility is an unfair tax imposed only on certain areas of CC. Not everyone has to pay it, supposedly because they don't affect certain waterways or their neighborhood happens to have a "retainer pond" in place. Both stories as to why those areas don't have to pay the fee are nothing but pure political BS in my opinion. I believe that the fee should either be paid by everyone in the county or not be imposed at all. It's completely unfair to those of us who have to pay it or risk losing water service when our neighbors across the road do not have to pay it and their property affects the very same waterways that our property supposedly does.

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