Empty Stocking Fund donations

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Previously acknowledged $117,299.16
The Dunbars $50
Anonymous $100
Billie LaCroix $25
In loving memory of my husband, Pervis C. Glover by wife, Ruth Glover $100
In memory of Steve, we love you and miss you. Mom and Dad $100
Augusta Richmond County License & Inspection $50
Charles & Pamela Dutch $50
Aaron & Elizabeth Coble $50
Warren & Vickie McCorkle $25
In memory of my beloved husband, Richard J. Foreman, Sr. $50
Alan Rickman $20
To the memory of Paul & Ida Bennett and Andrew & Carmela Wagner $200
Hephzibah United Methodist Church $100
In memory of John Sr. and Hazel Newton, our beloved father and mother $50
David Pullen $50
Anonymous $400
Anonymous $200
Motel One and staff members $51
Thomas Smothers $30
In memory of Ed Baker and Kathleen Resling $50
In memory of Ms. Linda's uncle and mother $50
In memory of Roger Denning $50
Joe and Sam $50
In memory of Marion & Mabel Fox $25
In honor of Mary and John Tyson $25
In honor of Elliott and Flaminia Horton $25
James & Chong Reynolds $50
In memory of Bill Brunkow, Wesley Hutto, Rick Montgomery and Hugh Inglett $50
Mike & Robin Dudley $100
Just a friend $20
Jay & Janis Hutchison $100
In loving memory of Ed & Emily Giusto from T & A $50
Adult Sunday School Class of Bath Presbyterian Church, Blythe, GA. $100
In memory of Melany Wiggins $15
In loving memories of my husband, John "JT" Richardson, daughter Julane Davidson and my mom, Joyce Sampson. $50
In memory of my parents, John & Nettie Watkins by Roy Watkins $200
In memory of Joey Way $15
Fred & Margaret Williams $100
In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Story $15
In loving memory of Bud McKee $15
For Jesus Christ our Lord $100
Carl & Michele Hurd $150
In memory of Bubba & Janie from the "Monks" $100
Donald & Ann Macey $35
From Milo, Baloo and Callie $50
In memory of husband and son, George and Bert $100
In memory of Little Baby, given by Peggy W. Tedards $50
G & C Abell $50
Anonymous $25
In honor of our grandchildren, Mack and Mattie $250
David Clark $25
Edith Abernathy $25
Mac & Vikki $50
Thelma Clark $50
R.B. & Janeal Buckner $200
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Sparkman and Mr. E.V. Burrus $50
Mrs. Totten's Kindergarten, Lewiston Elementary $25.80
Honoring our custodians. Thanks for your advice & help in making those tough decisions. M. Peterson $5
Rosetta Bennifield $5
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $100
In honor of Ruth & Jim Dover $25
Melinda & John Hoverkamp $50
Bill James & Sons Inc. $500
Kay Hays $100
Betty Tanner $30
Solomon Brown $503
Mary Houston $125
Anonymous $50
Wishing those in need a Merry Christmas and Happier New Year $200
Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Rod and Luanne Schafner $30
Sandra Hutchison $100
To the family in need who reside in Aiken, SC. Merry Christmas and I hope everything works out for you. $50
In memory of my father $50
Merry Christmas, Mary Frances and Clark McDowell. $50
In honor of our grandchildren, from Melba and Terry Good $100
Sparkle Express Carwash, Inc. $250
David & Christine Holloway $30
In memory of our Momma and Pa, Elean & Kenneth Griffin by Kay & Mike Davis $250
Anonymous $1.20
Bocker $10.87
Ricky & Becky Epting $20
Anonymous $20
Mt. Zion Baptist Church $100
Total today $6,981.87
Total this year $124,281.03

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