Futurity Non-Pro Champions

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2008 Bubble Gum (220) Skip and Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth Queen
2007 Missing Addition (220) Wesley Galyean Wesley Galyean
2006 Hokies Cat (225) Matt Miller Matt Miller
2005 Freckles Royally Doc (222) James Vangilder James Vangilder
2004 Haidas Merlin (221) Mark Pearson Mark Pearson
2003 Moody Blue Boon (217) Phil and Mary Ann Rapp Mary Ann Rapp
2002 Freckles Lena Boon (222) Hope Justice Hope Justice
2001 CD Light (221) Phil and Mary Ann Rapp Mary Ann Rapp
2000 Cats Full Measure (221) Phil and Mary Ann Rapp Phil Rapp
1999 Swingin Star Lady (221) Dean Sanders Dean Sanders
1998 Mr Gin Corcha (217.5) Elizabeth Elliott Elizabeth Elliott
1997 Dual Delight (218) Billy Martin Billy Martin
1996 Playgun (222.5) Dick Pieper Dick Pieper
1995 She's Pretty Smooth (220) Tommy Manion Tommy Manion
1994 Tap O Lena (221.5) Phil Rapp Phil Rapp
1993 Haidas Lorri (218) Silverbrook Ranches Helen Groves
1992 Little Hickory Gal (218) Larry and Ellen Reeder Ellen Reeder
1991 Playboys Ruby (216) Phil Rapp Phil Rapp
1990 Gangalena (221.5) J.V. Hobbs II J.V. Hobbs II
1989 In The Ghetto (220) Debbie Patterson Debbie Patterson
1988 Miss Peppy Lena (221) Sumer Hightower Sumer Hightower
1987 CD Chica San Badger (219.5) Sheila Welch Sheila Welch
1986 Oak Sissy (220.5) Monty Johnson Monty Johnson
1985 Docs Tivito (219.5) Dave Roberts Dave Roberts
1984 Doc Keoke (221.5) J.E. Jumonville Jr. J.E. Jumonville Jr.
1983 Playboys Kid (219) Mary Jo Milner Mary Jo Milner
1982 Boola Quixote (219) Craig Crumpler Craig Crumpler
1981 Genuine Doc (221.5) Matlock Rose Carol Rose
1980 Dulcinea Quixote (219.5) Spencer Harden Spencer Harden

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Head Start volunteer wins area, state honors
Firefighter Anthony Moody was named Head Start Par­ent of the Year in the CSRA in 2015 and was described as “being an instrumental part of daily activities at Silas X. Floyd.”
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