Detention Center Bookings

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These are bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Nov. 20-30. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.

Nov. 20

Daniel Eric Conder , 29, grand larceny, burglary

Jimmy Jackson , 42, assault and battery, fraudulent check

Nov. 21

Erica Lauren Ziccarelli , 20, driving under the influence, leaving scene of property damage

Troy Laray Canty , 39, driving under the influence

David Grant Dwight , 51, disorderly conduct

Christopher C. Veal , 38, possession of drug paraphernalia

Carlos Luvern Hazel , 23, distribution of crack cocaine

Anthony Tashawn Perry , 23, possession of crack cocaine

Anthony Craig Nelson , 38, possession of drug paraphernalia

David Williams Jr. , 51, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana, possession of crack cocaine

James Ricky Rivers III , 49, possession of drug paraphernalia

Joseph Michael Warden , 37, two counts of fraudulent check, failure to appear in family court

Andrew Lamar Pridgen , 40, driving under suspension

Blossie Mae Washington , 40, fraudulent check

Carie Erin Self , 30, assault and battery

Melanie Thompson Rhine , 44, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of failure to pay family court

Lelmon Jackson Terrell , 41, lewd act upon child, criminal sexual conduct with minor

Fawn Michelle Myers , 44, 21 counts of fraudulent check

Timothy Wright , 44, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana

Dexter Laveren Wise , 39, fraudulent check

James Avery Greene , 48, failure to appear, violation of probation

Eugene Latarrius Moseley , 44, two counts of fraudulent check

Elroy Levon Smith , 42, two counts of driving under suspension

Douglas Hale Gagne , 32, disorderly conduct

Bruce Carmen Washington , 30, driving under suspension, open container

Nov. 22

Melvin Walker , 54, driving under suspension, possession of drug paraphernalia

Diego Arthuro Davis , 34, attempting to possess controlled substance, unlawful neglect by legal custodian

Jerry Eugene Hall , 18, shoplifting

Brandon Dashon Peeples , 28, driving with unlawful alcohol content

Joy Danielle Johnson , 32, shoplifting

Diane Naydine Brown , 49, disorderly conduct

Donald Lee Bridges , 53, driving under the influence

Vernell McKinney Weaver , 48, disorderly conduct, simple assault and battery

Denisha Renea Williams , 19, failure to appear

Edwin Lee Walker , 54, failure to register vehicle

Christopher Lamar Knight , 18, assault and battery, simple assault

Kevin Maurice Benjamin , 28, giving false information

Darryl Lavaun Lakes , 30, two counts of distribution of controlled substance

Johnathan Lott , 21, violation of window tint, two counts of driving under suspension, failure to comply

Cortney Ann Helmick , 23, criminal domestic violence

Stephen Lee Morris , 30, failure to appear in family court

Nov. 23

Bernard Cyril Smith , 21, possession of cocaine, concealed weapon, simple assault and battery

Daniel Wilson Hartley , 33, assault and battery

Richard Williams , 34, failure to appear in family court

Ryan Brad Carsten , 29, open container

George Lawton Raborn Jr. , 57, criminal domestic violence

Joyce April Lucas , 23, use of vehicle without permission

Char Michon Branch , 42, criminal domestic violence

Giancarlo Villa , 29, criminal domestic violence

Walter Bryan Daise , 30, giving false information, simple possession of marijuana, liquor law violation, driving under suspension, speeding

Jason Wade Taylor , 35, simple possession of marijuana

Rodricco Raymon Jones , 36, criminal domestic violence

Nov. 24

Benjamin Davenport , 58, criminal domestic violence

Darnell Coates , 50, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Recardo Lamour Newell , 37, disorderly conduct

Rashawn Stafford Gatson , 29, grand larceny, second-degree burglary

Gary Anthony Satterwhite , 29, giving false information, two counts of failure to appear and pay family court

Angela Sanders Williamson , 41, forgery

Melissa Ann Ortiz , 34, disregarding traffic signal, no seat belt, driving under suspension

Oscar Nwaiwao Bwanali , 23, grand larceny, simple larceny

Nov. 25

Robert Wendell Jones Jr. , 31, public drunk

Patrick Oneal Baxley , 40, failure to appear and pay

Patience Maryelle Watson , 31, disorderly conduct

Stephen Curtis Vasser , 23, disorderly conduct

Christopher Andres Barefield , 22, indecent exposure

Shannon Ray Heath , 31, simple assault

Anthony Fitzgerald , 42, malicious injury to personal property

David Clarence Grantham , 21, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, minor in possession of alcohol

Charles Davis , 53, possession of drug paraphernalia

Julius Lurue Brown , 25, simple possession of marijuana, possession of crack cocaine

Travis Wade Redd Sr. , 39, unlawful neglect by legal custodian

Douglas Hale Gagne , 32, financial transaction card fraud

Debra Ann Wooden , 48, disorderly conduct

Kevin Rodriquez Tanksley , 27, trafficking crack cocaine

Cynthia Elaine Wiggins , 41, violation of utilities ordinance

Richard Louis Lynch , 21, operating unsafe vehicle, driving under suspension, no South Carolina driver's license

Justin Scott Stevenson , 18, giving false information to law enforcement

Elijah Nygie Jefferson , 18, accessory before the fact

Jamichael Andre Freeman , 22, three counts of criminal domestic violence

James Thomas Worthy , 38, probation violation

Brandon Wesley Widener , 28, failure to appear and pay

Patrick Joseph Grenier , 42, failure to appear and pay

Nov. 26

Joseph Edward Willard Sr. , 44, probation violation

Fabian Vandur Beard , 46, no driver's license

Pete Joel Williams , 31, failure to appear and pay, disregarding stop sign

Lester Jackson Padgett Jr ., 51, disorderly conduct

Stephen Vaughn Geddes , 64, resisting arrest, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

James Manning , 45, open container, driving under the influence, no seat belt

Johanna Marie Sumter , 56, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana

Jamie Noel Love , 22, shoplifting less than $1,000, simple possession of marijuana

Darrell Lynn McKelvin , 21, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia

William Daniel Kerrigan , 48, simple possession of marijuana, gross intoxication

James Royce Bouknight , 64, assault and battery

Ruffus Murray , 54, driving under suspension

Humberto Harry Gutierrez , 24, no South Carolina driver's license

Nov. 27

Tracy Lee Bronson , 49, failure to appear

Christopher Patrick Williams , 34, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Robert Norman Bisou , 26, disorderly conduct

Gabino Arano Capetillo , 29, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, open container, improper display, expired vehicle license

Ronnie Ron Reddish , 39, trespassing

Rodney Maurice Carter , 33, open container, disorderly conduct, driving under suspension

Carl Eric Campbell , 48, shoplifting

Whitney Ann Dyches , 17, two counts of trespassing, simple possession of marijuana

Nov. 28

Michael Todd Robinson Sr. , 45, failure to appear in family court

Michael Deangelo Melton , 17, shoplifting

Terrell Cornelious Tobin , 17, shoplifting

Catherine Elisabeth Chesser , 25, driving under unlawful alcohol content

Devin Dalton Davenport , 40, assault, disorderly conduct

Tonya Rollins Hood , 39, driving under the influence, open container

Shawn Richard Riley , 23, no South Carolina driver's license

Trevor Daisean , 19, simple possession of marijuana, unsafe vehicle

Desi Arnez Gleaton , 18, simple possession of marijuana

Rennardo Jamelle McDaniel , 19, driving under suspension, speeding

Cecil Michael Craig , 44, assault and battery

Johnny Sergio Coates , 45, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance

Marvin Morgan Jr. , 27, criminal domestic violence, failure to appear

Samuel Raphael Bacote , 23, simple possession of marijuana

Stewart Kelton Bibbs Jr. , 18, simple possession of marijuana

Julius Olando Taylor , 31, assault and battery

Jessica Franchon Dubose , 20, breach of trust

Nov. 29

Richard Alan Ropp , 57, driving under the influence

Shannon Ray Heath , 31, criminal domestic violence

Mareo Adams , 26, driving under the influence, two counts of driving under suspension, open container, operating uninsured motor vehicle, improper vehicle license

Tiffany Nicole Gallman , 27, disorderly conduct

Erin Elizabeth Meagher , 20, disorderly conduct

Cory Daniel Tucker , 20, disorderly conduct

Ebony Nacole DeJesus , 22, two counts of assault and battery

Charlie Elbert Hallman Jr. , 58, theft of electric current

Christina Marie Boyd , 29, filing false police report

Richard Ervin Williams , 53, open container, driving under the influence

Gregory Alan Lawrence , 34, driving under suspension, driving at night without headlights

Rashida Chiffon Reed , 18, shoplifting

George Percy Booth , 37, no South Carolina driver's license, no proof of insurance, criminal domestic violence

Shequita Vonta Lewis , 34, shoplifting

Nov. 30

Crystal Monique Smalls , 22, shoplifting

Dylan Benjamin Bolt , 21, criminal domestic violence

Lester Mitchell Allen , 54, public drunk

Brenton Karl Baranek , 23, driving under the influence

Derek Demond Mealing , 30, disorderly conduct

Rothell Roland Jr. , 41, failure to appear and pay

Fallon Nicole Williams , 26, expired vehicle license, speeding, driving under suspension

Ronald Victor Mace , 57, driving under the influence

Stephanie Denise Wise , 36, third-degree burglary, assault and battery

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