Making the trek to Washington

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Meet a few of the local people who are planning to leave tonight on a bus ride to Washington, D.C., for Tuesday's inauguration.


NAME: Lynwood Holmes

AGE: 38

OCCUPATION: Choir director at East Augusta Middle School; graduate student at Augusta State University


ACCOMPANIED BY: 152 people from Georgia, Florida and Alabama

REASON FOR GOING: He wants people to know the election of Barack Obama is more than just a historic moment in U.S. history; it's also proof the country is taking a step forward to true racial understanding.

QUOTABLE: "It took not just African-Americans but the whole country to make this happen. It was something that brought all of us together. I want people to know that whether they voted for Obama or not, this country came together."

NAME: Georgia Johnson

AGE: 68

OCCUPATION: Retired from the Richmond County Board of Education


ACCOMPANIED BY:Husband, Leroy, 70; grandson Logan, 17

REASON FOR GOING:She didn't think she would be alive to see a black person sworn in to the highest office in the United States. She said she also wanted her grandson to experience the event.

QUOTABLE: "It means that we can accomplish what people thought we couldn't in the beginning. I'm just happy that it happened in my lifetime."

NAME: Kenya Gaskins

AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: Augusta State University MBA student

RESIDENCE: Augusta (Hometown is Waycross, Ga.)

ACCOMPANIED BY:Sisters Kaleya, 25; Kamiyah, 24

REASON FOR GOING:She said her reason is twofold: to witness change and history.

QUOTABLE: "For me, I feel like it's historical for the United States to have many different cultures represented as leaders in our society."

NAME: Lajeanna Stevenson

AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: Former addiction and mental health counselor

RESIDENCE:Hephzibah (Hometown is Winston-Salem, N.C.)

ACCOMPANIED BY: Boyfriend Leonard Bush Jr.

REASON FOR GOING:"I wasn't able to be at the March on Washington. I wasn't able to be a part of the women's suffrage movement or other moments in history that are important to me. Now I have an opportunity to be part of history."

QUOTABLE: "It's going to be something that America looks back on that will be one of the greatest moments in history. Despite race and social standing, we did it."

NAME: Patricia Ann Moseley

AGE: 43

OCCUPATION: Title I instructional provider; former T.W. Josey High School social studies teacher

RESIDENCE:Edgefield, S.C.

ACCOMPANIED BY: Meeting sister-in-law Lori Moseley and niece Alexis Moseley, who are traveling from Florida

REASON FOR GOING:"I am always touched by the presidential inauguration. It's democracy at its purest form. This will be my third inauguration. My first was George Herbert Walker Bush and then George Walker Bush in 2004."

QUOTABLE: "Even as contentious as the Bush elections were, (he) was still able to take the oath of office in a peaceful manner. The transfer of power is done peacefully. That's something that cannot be done in many countries."

NAME: Richard Johnson Jr.

AGE: 80

OCCUPATION: Retired from SRS


ACCOMPANIED BY:Daughter Charmaine Johnson

REASON FOR GOING:He worked on Mr. Obama's campaign in South Carolina.

QUOTABLE: "I have an extreme interest in the president's election."

NAME: Goldie Randle

AGE: 67

OCCUPATION: Retired from SRP

RESIDENCE:North Augusta (Hometown is Chicago)

ACCOMPANIED BY:Adopted daughter, Peggy Harmon, and her friend

REASON FOR GOING:"It's real important to me. It's the first inauguration I have ever wanted to attend. I just worked so much and put so much into trying to get President-elect Obama elected. It's just something I hold dear to my heart."

QUOTABLE: "I'm so happy that all the hard work paid off, and the nation is coming together. It's such a different inauguration to me."

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patriciathomas 01/18/09 - 06:24 am
This is a HUGE event. I

This is a HUGE event. I wonder how many from the CSRA will be on their way to D.C. . I also wonder about the P.R. problems that will be generated by the people refusing to honor the "commemorative" invitations. "Equal Rights" may be tested in D.C. this week.

soldout 01/18/09 - 09:32 am
Those who put color before

Those who put color before Christ will get see if all this works out for good. Supporting someone who says killing un-born babies is fine and sin is acceptable is very strange. If sowing and reaping no longer work and the Bible is wrong there won't be a problem. Time will tell.

HYPOCRITES 08 01/18/09 - 10:01 am
Soldout. More like spaced

Soldout. More like spaced out.

55 F-100
55 F-100 01/18/09 - 01:52 pm


jewel 01/18/09 - 04:02 pm
Always something to say, and

Always something to say, and still hating

marien 01/18/09 - 06:37 pm
Those of you who still hate

Those of you who still hate bless your little hearts, this is history being made and it will happen like it or not............

MtnMan 01/18/09 - 11:20 pm
....I lived in the Metro DC

....I lived in the Metro DC area for many years....became one of the "locals". Most people living in the DC area wouldn't think of going "downtown" for the innagural. Crowds, traffic, pickpockets. Why go downtown,stand on a corner to watch just abit of the event when one could sty home and watch the whole on TV. Many of us worked in government, seeing the President or well knowns was not uncommon....

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