Bailout bill provided slush fund

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The American people have been shown time and time again, already, how they were right on not supporting the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (bailout bill) passed in the second attempt back in October.

But congressional members, including Gresham Barrett, R-S.C., did not heed the warnings of the large majority of this district and the rest of America.

Now, when Congress is asked to bail out the Big Three automakers with a $14 billion bill, Republicans blocked its passage in the U.S. Senate. So, what is the response by the Democrats and the White House? "So what? We'll use TARP funds to supply the money that the automakers, especially United Auto Workers, want."

TARP is a slush bailout fund.

When I spoke to an aide of Gresham Barrett's on the phone, the aide confirmed that the Treasury was given working authority over the over $700 billion in taxpayer money with no stipulations. In essence, the U.S. Treasury, by act of Congress, was transferred something that should only be exclusively the Congress' by constitutional authority: the power of the purse.

So now, Congress cannot pass the automaker bailout bill separately, so the Democrats with the help of a now inept White House will take advantage of the poorly worded, poorly constructed, bailout bill and provide the automakers with the funds they are requesting anyway.

The will of the people here was usurped by Congress, having given away their power of the purse in the first place. So now the people have no say.

Congress made a huge mistake in passing the bailout bill.

Now watch as the little piggies all across America go to the federal government's TARP trough. And there is nothing the taxpayers and representatives can do to stop it. What a mess!

Will Tinney

Aiken, SC

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GGpap 12/17/08 - 04:03 am
Well Mr. Tinney, you can't

Well Mr. Tinney, you can't just shoot the Congress, but you might want to consider shooting the voters. LOL! Just kidding, although the voters do make me wonder why I bother to support any candidate (left Or right) anymore. GGpap. :-)

Ga Values
Ga Values 12/17/08 - 07:45 am
All of Georgia's Republican

All of Georgia's Republican Congressmen voted against this taxpayer rip off, yet both of our SOCIALIST Senators voted for it. We had a chance to fire SAXBY but did not. WE are at fault not SAXBY, we had our chance to get rid of him but kept him, WHY?

Justthefacts please
Justthefacts please 12/17/08 - 08:38 am
In another example of the

In another example of the lucid, easy-to-follow and well-written editorials that appear in the Augusta Chronicle let me direct your attention to the lead editorial in today's (Dec.17) editorial that puts the blame for the Big 3 automakers' problems squarely where it belongs - on the greedy UAW bosses and their minions who refuse to make sacrifices in order to keep their businesses solvent. I say to hell with the UAW and hope bankruptcies are the final result. Three cheers for the Chronicle editorial. You would have to be an idiot to find fault with this excellent analysis.

disssman 12/17/08 - 09:09 am
JTF I see where you do not

JTF I see where you do not know a thing about what you are attempting to discuss. To start with the UAW are NOT trying to borrow money, The owners and managers of Ford, Chrysler and GMC have contractural obligations that they signed and may not have the money for. Not a penny of the money for a bail out will be written to the UAW after all they are common laborers and what would they know about finances. I say by god fire them all and MAKE them work for wages acceptable to Augusta workers, after all a person only needs a trailer house, a used pickup and a 12 pack to be happy. And who needs more than social security as a retirement? Anything more would just be an unfair imposition on the company who after all must pay the CEO a huge salary for laying off workers that do not see the light.

resident 12/17/08 - 01:22 pm
I grew up in that part of the

I grew up in that part of the country. It is the UAW and greedy people that work in the industry. My father worked in a UAW shop and sewers were aid an awful lot of money to make interiors because of the UAW and of course their greed. It is human nature but then there is a point it becomes a sin called envy. Back to the subject, UAW makes alot of money from this and don't let anyone fool you. They also have it set that they get paid a cetain amount of money per person thus the Job bank so they can continue at everyone buying cars expense to fatten their wallets. $25 per hour to install a dash in a car way overpaid. That is not a skilled labor bring the stuff back to ithin reason and they can then drop back to reasonable living standards like the rest of us with some luxury items. A job with reasonable pay is better than no Job or someone in Mexico or India , or Pakistan having your Job. Maybe Ford can look at not spending 200 million dollars to build a new engine pla in Brazil and build/retool something you already have here.

CH 12/17/08 - 05:27 pm
Hey, GA Values, we had the

Hey, GA Values, we had the chance to get rid of that spineless John Barrow also, but didn't. Why do you only want the incumbant Republicans gone? Congress, the real power in Washington, has been run by Democrats for 2 years now, just about the time everything starting going to Hell. And, regarding UAW and most labor unions, look at the candidates they support. Democrats. Sorry, you can't put all of the blame on the Republicans and ignore Democrat guilt, no matter how much you want to!

jack 12/17/08 - 05:53 pm
Dissman, no un/undereducated

Dissman, no un/undereducated wrench turner is worth $75.00 an hour or anywhere near it. I doubt seriously that those auto workers in non union shops are living in a double wide, drive an old pickup and do enjoy a 6 pack from time to time. One only has to visit Detroit to see the crime ridden ghetto that city has become with all those unions wages and corrupt politicians.

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