Other league could make hockey work

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The Augusta Lynx have now folded and the ECHL has another failed franchise in the South.

This league should not be allowed just to skate out of town unblemished. They have a horrible business model that sees only a very few of their teams turn a profit each year. And with well over 20 failed franchises in the South, these guys would make General Sherman proud in the destruction of teams and trail of ill will they have left in their wake.

The ECHL could have helped local ownership finish out the season and seek new owners. The ECHL could have managed the team through year end. No, the ECHL chose to let the team fail in mid-season for the first time in its sorry 21 year history. Another "feather" in their cap.

Dan Troutman and the Burches deserve the heartfelt thanks from the community when, in 2006, they stepped in at the 11th hour to keep the Lynx playing. They deserve better from a league that once again has taken the money and run.

Then there is the front office staff, coaches and players who all have gotten the bum shoulder as well. An arena left empty - concession, ushers and other hourly employees now looking elsewhere for jobs. All while the ECHL sat back and did nothing.

Is hockey viable in Augusta? With a more owner-friendly business model like the Southern Professinal Hockey League, at least ownership would have a fighting chance to recover its investment, and hockey certainly could be viable. A fresh start in a new league might just be the impetus needed to revive hockey in the CSRA.

As for the ECHL, do us all a favor: Don't ever show your face in Augusta again. I was the first season ticket holder for the Augusta Lynx, supervisor of Off-Ice Officials from the team's inception until 2005, and a member of the Lynx front office staff for the 2005-06 season.

Bill Lesshafft


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patriciathomas 12/16/08 - 07:35 am
A horse apple throwing team

A horse apple throwing team wouldn't do well in Augusta either, neither would an apple bobbing team, or a shuffle board team, or a lawn bowling team. Wacky fringe sports won't do well in some parts of the country and the league has little to do with it. The sport must be able to draw a crowd at a reasonable (affordable) price.

SnidleyWhiplash 12/16/08 - 09:15 am
PT, I've tried to be polite,

PT, I've tried to be polite, but apparently that just doesn't work with you.

Please shut up.

Organized hockey has been played in the US and Canada since the mid-to-late 1800's. The NHL annually awards the Stanely Cup - the oldest trophy in North American sports, and recognized as the hardest to earn - every year, just as they have since the early 1900's. The Montreal Canadiens are celebrating their 100th season this year. Hockey players are widely recognized as being the nicest, most fan-friendly, and humble athletes in all of professional sports.

If you don't like hockey, fine. Don't watch it, don't read about it in the paper, and please, keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Fans of hockey don't want to hear it, and nobody else cares.

blues550 12/16/08 - 02:04 pm
Thanks, TomK, couldn't have

Thanks, TomK, couldn't have said it better.

Augusta is blessed with a number of "wacky-fringe" sports - National Barrell Horse Racing, The Futurity, The Southern Nationals, Tour De Georgia.

With the exception of The Masters and Greenjackets baseball, name another sporting event that drew more paying fans annually than the Lynx. I believe the next closest would be ASU basketball.

shamrock 12/16/08 - 04:59 pm
TomK ... it is time someone

TomK ... it is time someone spoke out against the daily brayings of PT. I wish she'd find a job ... or a man ... or something!

rufus 12/16/08 - 05:36 pm
It ain't just hockey folks.

It ain't just hockey folks. The economy has claimed arena football as well. You are correct in that every team regardless of the sport needs a fan base. The Atlanta Thrashers draw very few fans on a regular basis so maybe hockey is not ready for prime time in the south. Bring on the roller derby

sjgraci 12/16/08 - 10:03 pm
pt is the most ignorant

pt is the most ignorant poster on these forums. She is a backwoods hick who has never even seen a hockey game yet she feels like (like everything else- look at her post count) she is an expert at the game and knows better than those in the know the reason for the Lynx failure. She is the definition of an ignoramus.

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