Candidates make cases in Augusta

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U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss and challenger Jim Martin were in Augusta at two separate events Saturday trying to garner support for the Dec. 2 runoff.

Speaking at a rally at Columbia County GOP headquarters, Mr. Chambliss urged people to vote for him.

"In the last few days this election is going to come down to one thing, and that's turnout," he said.

He noted how the runoff's outcome is being watched closely because Democrats could further strengthen their control of Congress if Mr. Martin wins.

Mr. Chambliss also mentioned the possible Cabinet appointees in the Obama administration.

"We knew this was going to be of the most liberal appointments we've ever seen, but as you look at the Cabinet appointments that are being made today, can you believe that it looks like the reincarnation of the Clinton administration?" Mr. Chambliss said.

He said he doesn't feel his campaign has been affected by President-elect Obama or former President Clinton supporting Mr. Martin.

Late Saturday, Mr. Martin addressed a crowd of supporters at the IBEW Hall on Reynolds Street.

"As I go across this state and talk to people, they're excited. They tell me they are interested in taking ownership of government," he said. "I've never heard that before."

Mr. Martin said that he was running for the U.S. Senate to help the new president move the country forward and regain the moral leadership of the world.

Like Mr. Chambliss, Mr. Martin said the winner would be determined by turnout.

"This isn't landslide Jim you're looking at," the Democratic candidate joked. "It's going to be tight."

Mr. Martin said his opponent isn't interested in trying to work with the new administration.

"I say yes, we can. Saxby Chambliss says no, you won't," Mr. Martin said. "They're scared of change. They're scared of new leadership, and we love 'em, but they're wrong."

Mr. Martin will play host to a roundtable discussion on veterans at 1 p.m. today at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 150, 1211 Telfair St.

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Ga Values
Ga Values 11/23/08 - 07:34 am

Our 7 REAL REPUBLICANS voted against the Pelosi/Reid/Bush $700,000,000,000.00 bailout of Wall Street Bankers but Saxby voted for this TAXPAYER RIP OFF. Why?? Saxby got over $2,500,000 from Wall Street Lobbyist. With SAXBY it's LOBBYIST FIRST, Taxpayer Last, FIRE SAXBY NOW

GaWins 11/23/08 - 09:30 am
Georgia is going to need help

Georgia is going to need help from the Obama admin. Martin would be the smart move for Georgia now. It's survival; not politics that counts!

You have to play to win. Labels don't matter. South Carolina made the smart move by getting a Democrat Senator. They will win in the Washington sweepstakes! Georgians have a chance to win big also! Win for Georgia! Send a Democrat to get money from a Democrat. Even Mit Romney knows that this is the right move at this time! Tough times takes tough people to survive!

Riverman1 11/23/08 - 11:17 am
Mit Romney supports Martin? I

Mit Romney supports Martin? I don't think so. Let the Democrats have the super majority and you are going to have real trouble if you have a penny to your name.

Dr.J 11/23/08 - 11:49 am
Martin will allow the dems to

Martin will allow the dems to take away the secret ballott in union votes. This could change our country forever. People check your history, we always suffer when either party has complete control. Barney Franks said on TV Friday that they would immediately cut the defense budget 25%. Those cuts would be absorbed by military bases in the US. That could really hurt Augusta and Martin will support it.

ernesthw 11/23/08 - 07:45 pm
Saxby rarely takes time to

Saxby rarely takes time to research before he votes. Therefore
he votes the Republican line, mostly the lobbyist line. Georgia needs some fresh air and some help. Vote for Jim Martin. Saxby is afraid so he uses the fear tactic. If you want a weak, laughed-at, country that is spiraling downward, then vote for Saxby.

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