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They don't bill the annual Georgia-Florida football game as the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" anymore -- and for good reason. Some people can't handle their "cocktails."

Indeed, all manner of boorish behavior can be seen outside such an event these days. Loutish drunks trying to pick fights with the losing side. Beer going airborne and spraying passersby. Trash everywhere. Couples unmindful that their bedrooms are miles away.

Authorities also arrested 125 for underage drinking outside the game this year. At least three people have died partying at the even since 2004.

Jacksonville deputies say the crowd was better behaved this year than last (maybe because the game wasn't close at the end). But St. Simons Police Chief Matt Doering said he was disgusted with game-related behavior in his community.

"It was the ugliest, (most) unruly conduct that I've seen in a long time," he said. "Littering was the biggest problem we had. They left behind an ungodly mess. The disrespect these people showed to our community was horrible." Other problems involved DUI, disorderly conduct and public urination.

It isn't just one event, of course. Public behavior has gotten coarser and coarser over the years as mores have changed, rules have been erased and family and church structures that used to set boundaries have deteriorated.

Government is left to pick up the pieces -- and the trash. But government is a poor nanny. It can't very well police civility unless the boorishness slips into criminality. Even then there aren't enough police to play hall monitor, and their time is better spent on other things.

It's up to us, in short, to police our own behavior.

We're not doing a very good job of it, either, and it shows up in our driving, our talking and cell-phone use in movie theaters, our lack of courtesy toward others and the language we use when children are present.

Add in copious amounts of alcohol and the passions of sport and the lines separating us from the animal world also blur.

If we no longer adhere to others' notions of propriety, then what of our own principles? The younger generation, for instance, is hyped up about saving the planet, which is all well and good -- but trashing a beach is hardly any way to show it.

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patriciathomas 11/10/08 - 06:56 am
Come Jan. 21, all of this

Come Jan. 21, all of this will end. All will be well. Civility will be the norm.

I4PUTT 11/10/08 - 08:13 am
This is a serious problem. I

This is a serious problem. I remember when my kids were young & we would go to Myrtle Beach, you felt very safe until the scene changed with teens & young adults over indulging in alcohol around 10 pm. Even then it was mostly friendly but not what you wanted your young kids exposed to.Now the rudeness & violence starts much earlier in the day and is the rule rather than the exception. IMHO parents have forgotten how to be parents. There are little or no rules, kids are encouraged in their obscene behavior, dirty jokes are told by parents not only in front of but to their young children. The list goes on & on. Many parents today allow their kids to drink alcohol in their home. Self respect & respect for others is disappearing.It's really sad.

karmakills123 11/10/08 - 08:21 am
While walking into the Bi-Lo

While walking into the Bi-Lo in North Augusta Sat. afternoon with my 8 year Grandaughter loud filthy rap music was booming all around (In the parking lot)...I of course complained but not much was accomplished...I do not care what these pigs listen to and rot their brains and their kids brains with but why in hell do they think anyone else wants to hear it?....went to NAPD and filed complaint..after talking with some it seems that this type of filth will sooned be banned......................... oh and did you know that public profanity is a crime in NA and you can be fined?

jack 11/10/08 - 10:36 am
karma, sure glad I moved out

karma, sure glad I moved out of Augusta and now live on this side of the river. Clean, quiet and not a group of morons in city government. A/RC has an ordnance against loud music but do not enforce it. NAPD will enforce it as they do traffic laws. College foot ball games used to be a lot of fun, but seems out nation/culture is steadily sliding into the pits as drunks and profanity are the norm and you can't take your kid to a game these days.

rufus 11/10/08 - 10:59 am
"Times, they are a changing."

"Times, they are a changing." Bob Dilan

imdstuf 11/10/08 - 01:38 pm
What do you expect from jort

What do you expect from jort wearing, mullet having Gator fans?

Naysayer 11/10/08 - 01:45 pm
Not much has changed cept the

Not much has changed cept the people and maybe the names.

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