What about atrocities in the Congo?

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There is a war on in the Congo which, by all reports, has caused more death and devastation than any war since WWII.

Women are raped and mutilated, often while their husbands, brothers and sons look on -- or worse, are forced to participate at gunpoint. Hospitals admit as many as 10 rape victims a day, five of which require surgery to piece them back together.

While we squabble about money and the definition of marriage, while we complain about gas prices, while we follow polarized politics that are little more than marketing campaigns, there are people in other parts of the world being mutilated, violated, their families and communities destroyed by terror and hate, their children raised to believe that they must be either victims or perpetrators of this violence.

Where are the headlines? Where is this on my nightly news? Where is the acknowledgment that these horrors exist, both here and elsewhere?

And most of all, where is our compassion?

K. Fitzgerald


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patriciathomas 10/26/08 - 05:17 am
K. Fitzgerald, when Obama is

K. Fitzgerald, when Obama is president, none of this will happen and there will be no taxes. Ice cream for everyone.

Obamessiah 10/26/08 - 02:43 pm
Even though you're being

Even though you're being sarcastic PT, I do agree, this problem in the Congo, as well as all worldly problems will be solved when the Messiah ascends the throne

lowellbrown 10/26/08 - 10:36 pm
K. Fitzgerald, you seem to be

K. Fitzgerald, you seem to be sincere (in contrast to the rather strange responses your words evoked), and I commend you for your message. Amid all the nastiness we read and see and hear, yours is a voice, neither of elusive happiness nor of self-absorbed bitterness, but of hope. Most of us need to be reminded much more frequently of the horrors faced by so many human beings on this planet. Some people are trying mightily to change the world a little at a time, often successfully. Please continue to remind the rest of us that we, too, should try.

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