Senate foes lash out over negative TV ads

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ATLANTA --- The political ad war blanketing the Georgia airwaves spilled over into a U.S. Senate debate Friday night as the two major candidates sparred over the bruising attacks face to face.

Democrat Jim Martin assailed Republican Saxby Chambliss for a spot suggesting he was responsible for the death of children in state care when he headed the Georgia agency overseeing social services programs.

"This is a personal attack on me. It's inaccurate," Mr. Martin said, suggesting the techniques were similar to the ones Mr. Chambliss used six years ago against in a bitter race against Sen. Max Cleland.

Mr. Chambliss defended the spot as a statement on Mr. Martin's leadership. Asked whether Mr. Martin was to blame for the deaths, Mr. Chambliss replied, "Absolutely not. But it's an issue of leadership. What happened was a terrible tragedy and it happened under his watch."

Mr. Chambliss fired back, saying Mr. Martin should prevail upon Democratic leaders in Washington to stop running a pair of new ads he says misrepresent the "fair tax," which he supports. The plan would create a national sales tax and erase the income tax.

"He can say, 'I deplore this,'" Mr. Chambliss said. "It's wrong. It's misleading, and I would ask that he do that."

Mr. Martin demurred, saying federal election law forbids him from coordinating activities with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is spending more than $500,000 to air the spots in Georgia. He said the spots are "factually accurate" but take the attention off faulty "Saxby economics" that have helped contribute to the nation's financial woes.

Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley called the bickering "sad."

"I'd like to stick to the issues," he said.

Mr. Buckley returned to his signature issue: reining in out-of-control spending. He said entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security must be cut to keep the nation's economy afloat.

"You're destroying the future of my kids and it's wrong," Mr. Buckley scolded Mr. Chambliss.

Mr. Martin and Mr. Chambliss took opportunities to distance themselves from their party leaders. Mr. Chambliss said he has disagreed with President Bush on the farm bill and came to part ways with him on an immigration measure. Mr. Martin said he doesn't agree with Barack Obama's comment that tax cuts for the wealthy would redistribute wealth.

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OscarLewis 10/25/08 - 08:06 am
Chambliss is a stooge for

Chambliss is a stooge for corporate agriculutre and financial interests. He received millions of dollars from these industries for this election. That's why he voted for the Wall Street bailout bill. This is not to say that he shouldn't have voted to appropriate money, but he essentially handed a blank check to Sec. of Treasury, Paulson. If you remember, Paulson made millions of dollars as CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs. His company was a major player in subprime mortgages. Goldman Sachs could benefit greatly from help from it's former CEO.

Also, don't forget that last year while the mortgage crisis was unfolding, Chambliss' primary focus was on immigration. Earlier this year all he ever talked about was drilling for oil. How utterly incompetent!

At ever opportunity, Chambliss likes to slap the back of Georgia's military personnel but when it comes to doing something about Bush's debacle in Iraq, Chambliss has nothing to say. It's insulting. How many more of our kids will be killed or wounded before he gets a clue.

aaa 10/25/08 - 08:47 am
Chambliss was on the wrong

Chambliss was on the wrong side of the bail out and on the wrong side of the immigration issue. But if we hand Pelosi and Reid a far-left extremist liberal / socialist majority in Congress, then our country will be on the wrong side of it's own history. At least he had the courage to support our troops in Iraq by voting for the surge. He also supports cutting America's addiction to foreign oil by drilling our own! Vote to keep Chambliss today. We will remove him in the next Republican primary.

disssman 10/25/08 - 10:24 am
Chambliss is just another

Chambliss is just another Republican friend of the working man who complains that we should not look at what he has done, rather we should hear what he is going to do next time. By the way didn't he just get accused on Friday with illegal influence in the trial about the sugar factory that blew up months ago? I didn't see that in or conservative paper today? Must have been reported in the Liberal press section!!

HYPOCRITES 08 10/25/08 - 03:01 pm
If the people that Allen

If the people that Allen Buckley have campaigning for him are any indication of what type a person he is, then I will do every thing in my power to see that he is defeated. They have no respect for Private Property Rights. Causing distraction on busy streets and just down right disrespectful to others. I SAY VOTE ANYONE BUT BUCKELY.

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