Why fund Hugo Chavez with gas money?

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Why are we Americans buying CITGO gas?

Hugo Chavez has stated that he wants to destroy America, and he has insulted our country and our president, George Bush, calling him "the devil." He is using Venezuela's oil wealth to fight against America. The oil-rich ChÃvez government confessed its direct support for and solidarity with the region's most notorious terrorist group, FARC. Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia -- Ejercito del Pueblo, also known by the acronym of FARC or FARC-EP, is a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary guerrilla organization.

Venezuela's largest client is the United States. CITGO is a U.S. refining and marketing firm that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venezuela's state-owned oil company. Money you pay to CITGO goes primarily to Venezuela. Chavez uses that money in order to harm the United States.

Money you spend at CITGO enables Chavez to work with and support terrorist states like Iran and Syria, to pay for public relations campaigns condemning the United States throughout the rest of the world.

Venezuela is the world's fifth-largest oil exporter and the fourth largest supplier of oil to the United States. Venezuelan oil accounts for 12 percent of U.S. oil imports. CITGO Petroleum Corp. owns and operates eight refineries in the United States, but CITGO does not own any of the CITGO-branded gas stations operating in U.S. territory through franchising.

America needs to wake up and realize what is going on. If we buy CITGO, we are supporting terrorism.

Traci Powers

Graniteville, S.C.

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shivas 10/15/08 - 07:07 am
Everyone supports terrorism

Everyone supports terrorism except Republicans, according to the nutty right-wing.

I4PUTT 10/15/08 - 08:22 am
Some folks demonstrate such a

Some folks demonstrate such a low level of understanding of foreign policy. Simply put, many times when you are trying to gain a foot hold in an area, one has to use whichever country is most accomodationg. I agree that the Saudis do not always have the best interest of America at heart. But, other than Israel, they have partnered with the US more than any other country in the region.

fd1962 10/15/08 - 09:07 am
Accurate research would

Accurate research would reveal that Venezuela's so-called 'state owned oil companies' are actually owned 49% by American oil companies. Maybe we should only fill up half a tank with Citgo therefore? This hate mongering LTE author is ridiculous.

Signal Always
Signal Always 10/15/08 - 10:31 am
Hey RA, you moron, why is it

Hey RA, you moron, why is it that we are having to IMPORT so much oil from Saudi and elsewhere? Could it be because your moonbat compadres won't let us drill, won't let us build new nuclear facilities, won't let us explore the Bakken shelf, won't let us import more oil sand from Alberta, and don't support coal? Nah, that couldn't be it, right? You leftist idiots are the very REASON we're having to import so much damn oil.

lowellbrown 10/15/08 - 02:22 pm
Far too many Americans are so

Far too many Americans are so concerned about filling up that big old tank to feed that inherently inefficient internal combustion engine, they don't care much where that gas comes from And who can blame them? Got to get to work, whatever. We've all been trained very well not to think too far ahead. But that may all be beside the point. You think dictators like Chavez are pesky now? Want to make it easy for them? Wait around until the US economic model ceases to be the standard for the rest of the world. As we've seen, it could happen. Mercy, which "idiots" and "morons" would we blame then?

lukeweyland 10/16/08 - 02:36 am
President Hugo Chavez Frias

President Hugo Chavez Frias is not about to destroy America - check the atlas - America is made up of 36 nations VENEZUELA IS PART OF AMERICA!

President Chavez is not even anti-USA. Venezuela's Citigo provides subsided gas and heating oil to numerous communities across USA.

President Chavez was elected President with 63% of the vote - vote accepted as free and fair by the Carter Institue, OAS, and EEU observers. Ex Texan Governor George Walker Bush "won" only due to the actions of Ms Harris who invalidated hundreds of thousands of votes from Democratic Registered voters.

Unlike Bush, President Chavez has invaded no one. Launched no coups, funded no sessionist movements. He gives moral support for Colombia's struggles, but provides no weapons, no money he even calls upon them to replace their armed strugle with a purely political struggle - Unlike the billons of dollars supplied by the USA to forcefully subdue the people there.

Trade between Venezuela and the United States, including the oil, is vital for both nations. The relationship must be based on mutual respect, as a partnership of equals.

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