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IF YOU ARE moving to North Augusta and have middle school-age kids, let me give you some advice -- do not send your kids to Paul Knox Middle School. After four kids going through Paul Knox Middle School and then North Augusta Middle School, there is no comparison. Paul Knox was once a great school but is now run by bullies and staffers who don't want to hear your problems.

I TOTALLY AGREE with the comment on Sunday about Clearwater Fire Department. They are a joke. They run other districts' fire calls. I think the assistant chief is using one of the fire vehicles as a personal vehicle. Finally, Bath Fire Department covers the house next door to Clearwater's station.

A RANT FOR American vehicle manufacturers. When repairs are needed, when the vehicle is under warranty, you just put people off until the warranty expires. No wonder people buy foreign vehicles.

THE ETHICS DEPARTMENT at SRS is a joke. They work for the people who pay their salaries, and when the people who pay their salaries do something unethical, they look the other way.

YOU KNOW YOU are getting old when you use your medicine dispenser to tell you what day of the week it is.

SHAME ON YOU, Hillary Clinton; your lies and omissions should make all the American people enraged. You mention health care for all Americans; means the taxpayers that have an education and have struggled for their good-paying jobs have to pay for those who didn't get an education or who won't work.

I have struggled as a disabled American. I have struggled to get where I am today, own my home, paying for my family's health care coverage. I struggled to get where I am and did not have the privilege of my fellow taxpayers paying for my family, even though I am a double amputee. Why should we as American taxpayers pay for those that make a living from raping our government's resources? Why should I have to work two or three minimum wage jobs for years and years so that others who won't get off of their butts, get an education, work hard so that they can provide for their own, including adequate health care?

As I listen to her I am disgusted about her comments that jobs are going overseas. Thank her husband for NAFTA; that's the biggest reason that jobs go to Mexico (even though Mexico is not overseas). Hillary and Obama are trying to persuade our young people with their views of a socialist America.

Shame on you, Hillary and Obama. Shame. Shame. Shame.

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missjudy 08/31/08 - 07:24 am
People like the Clintons and

People like the Clintons and Obama play to the whine and cheesy crowd. They are the people who want something for nothing...but their nothing is our burden to pay. This is called socialism, and it is alive and growing in the U.S. McCain was not my first choice but he is really the only choice. The Clearwater Fire Dept. is a mess and Fire Commissioner Hooks is trying to straighten it out. Maybe if the other commissioners did not meet sneakily behind his back the department would run better. Keep Hooks and get rid of the rest and the department will no longer be a joke.

firedog6 09/01/08 - 02:47 am
To the person with the rant

To the person with the rant for Clearwater Fire Department, They are not a joke. They are a very hardworking group of people who will do the job you are to afraid to do and deserve your respect instead of your harsh comments. No, they do not run other districts fire calls. That was back in time when a chief who shall remain nameless decided to start a ruckus with the neighboring department of Bath. And no the assistant chief is not using a fire vehicle as his personal one. And as far as Bath fire department covering the house next door, OH WELL. The crew down there now cannot help what previous idiotic fire chiefs have done in the past. But what I say doesn't matter, You are still going to talk aren't you???

beetee8ch 09/06/08 - 06:02 am
would love to know who

would love to know who finally had the courage to speak the truth about Paul Knox Middle School. The inmates have been running the asylum for so long that Paul Knox should not even qualify as a school. But the real problem is that every one from the teachers to the district superintendent are afraid of the parents, the parents are afraid of their kids but the children are
not afraid of anyone. Enough of the student population at Paul Knox are indeed bullies but they are also thugs, thieves, psychos and liars interested only in sex and drugs to qualify as a "den of iniquity." Teachers who have extended the milk of human kindness to students or who have been there for a student receive unfair and undeserved punitive consequences thus intimidating other staffers. In the last two or three years, three or four very good teachers/(mentors), who have been treated unfairly and are no longer at Paul Knox.
In addition to the lunacy at Paul Knox, racism runs rampant.

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