Detention Center Bookings

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These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for July 4-11. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.

July 4

Larry Williams , 49, driving under suspension

Michael Glover , 43, driving under suspension

Daphne Summers Flake , 45, disorderly conduct, open container

Jamie Lee Lewis , 21, disorderly conduct

Keith Leslie Hughes , 38, disorderly conduct

Gerald Lee Boings , 30, disorderly conduct

Purnell Dion Perry , 37, improper display of license plates

Vanessa Hall Rumburg , 46, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Shawn Elbert Couch , 25, disorderly conduct

Rufus Eugene Waters , 37, possession of crack cocaine

Damion Lamont Gleaton , 25, criminal domestic violence

Charles Spurgeon Wallace , 63, open container

Claudia Teressa Busbee , 36, breach of trust

William Gerald Branch , 24, littering, open container, transfer of beer to a minor

Donald Daffey Paige , 55, assault and battery

Mary Lee Bruyere , 35, driving under the influence

Dancer Wayne Richter , 18, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct

July 5

Ashley Skiler Keel , 22, driving under suspension

Jonathan Vertron Johnson , 19, disorderly conduct

Daniel Lee Hecker , 20, driving under suspension

Victor Dewayne Currie , 40, criminal domestic violence

Edward Michael Stack , 48, driving under the influence

Vincent Lafayette Carr , 20, speeding, no driver's license

Jantzen Clifford Salley , 22, trespassing

Ilario Rangel Martinez , 37, driving under the influence, no driver's license, leaving the scene of an accident, operating uninsured vehicle

Aaron Michael Kranenberg , 18, failure to comply, shooting under the influence

Jimmie Lewis Bratcher Jr. , 46, criminal domestic violence

Freddie Lee Fail , 27, driving under suspension

William Howell Mallard , 18, attempted grand larceny

Charles Boone , 54, disorderly conduct

Gyjuan Quincy Jones , 29, simple possession of marijuana

William Morriszie Fuller , 28, simple larceny

Jeffery James , 70, no insurance, no South Carolina driver's license

Carol Renee Jones , 42, liquor law violation, driving under the influence, leaving scene of accident

Dion Bouvier Jones , 43, criminal domestic violence

Rhea Michelle Brooks , 49, simple assault and battery, filing false police report

July 6

Angela Bernice Redd , 29, speeding, driving under suspension, possession of drug paraphernalia

Robert Lee Hamm Jr. , 49, use of vehicle without consent, gas drive-off, open container, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Perry Leon Walker , 19, speeding

Gregory Carroll Langdale , 43, no vehicle license, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under suspension,

Melissa Nicole Ellis , 27, 16 counts of fraudulent check

Delfino Amaro Mendoza , 32, speeding, no driver's license

Kenneth James Monks II , 19, no driver's license, minor in possession of alcohol, driving under the influence

Stephen Craig Spain , 47, no registration in possession, driving under the influence

July 7

Dural Newguene Storey , 48, possession of drug paraphernalia

Michael Thomas Gathercoal , 37, disorderly conduct

Shaquana Schmaine Freeman , 22, fraudulent check

James Allen Moore , 29, two counts of failure to appear and pay

Travis Brent Storey , 30, damage to highway

Nichol Bressett , 30, indecent exposure, drug paraphernalia

Larry Antwon Carter , 24, disorderly conduct

David Allen Mosier , 44, failure to appear and pay

Dondi Eric Steven McCormick , 29, driving under suspension more than the first

July 8

Marc Anthony Thomas , 21, simple possession of marijuana

Richard Virgil Couch , 47, two counts of failure to appear and pay

Alvin Wayne Isbell , 57, disregarding a traffic control device

Willie O'Neil Barnes , 47, giving false information to police, failure to appear and pay

Bernard Ervin Mock , 58, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Lance Gerard Tyler , 23, failure to comply, disorderly conduct

Michael Andrew Bedingfield , 40, criminal domestic violence

Pedro Bailon Martinez , 20, driving too fast for conditions, leaving scene of collision, no valid driver's license

Cassandra Lynn Rucker , 18, simple or petit larceny

Kenneth Wayne Jones , 47, violation of probation

Tommy Joe Williams , 51, failure to appear and pay

Thomas Andrew Waddell , 52, failure to appear and pay

John Tavares Butler , 31, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Victor Sirome Parker , 18, disorderly conduct

Daniel Lee Robinson , 52, giving false information to public safety officer, two counts of failure to appear and pay, possession of drug paraphernalia

John Bazilio , 51, no driver's license, speeding

David Perry Hett , 50, public drunk

Christy Renay Abbott , 45, criminal domestic violence

July 9

Tyrone Maurice Holmes , 28, criminal domestic violence

Johnny Jay Hallenbeck , 47, disorderly conduct

Everett Dorch Jr. , 46, possession of drug paraphernalia

Heather Denise Williams , 26, disorderly conduct

Mark Andrew Jones , 29, no South Carolina driver's license, operating uninsured vehicle

Christopher Dean Chapman , 37, driving under the influence

Darrell Gene Eubanks , 39, disorderly conduct

Antowon Jermond Byrd , 17, use of vehicle without consent

Michael Keith Baxley , 20, use of vehicle without consent

Donnie Deron Williams , 41, assault and battery

William Thomas Meyers Sr. , 56, assault and battery

William Lott Jones , 46, providing false information, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding, no South Carolina driver's license

Andrew Walker Pilkington , 18, possession of controlled substance

Daniel Lee Lard , 21, lewd act upon child

George Williams Jr. , 53, failure to appear and pay in family court

Chrisilee Lena Barton , 26, drug paraphernalia

Joseph Scurry Jr. , 32, driving under suspension

July 10

Edward Williams II , 28, speeding

Marion Walker Johnson Jr. , 40, criminal domestic violence

Velvet Michelle Spray , 38, fraudulent check

Dianna Marrie Oerman , 30, fraudulent check

Brenda Young Jernigan , 44, disregarding stop sign, driving under suspension, four counts of fraudulent check

Reggie Bones Rodriquez , 26, two counts of shoplifting, two counts of simple assault and battery

Robert Dean McCall , 17, first-degree burglary, robbery while armed with a deadly weapon

Noah Israel Boone , 24, disorderly conduct

Alvon Terrance Bennett , 38, shoplifting less than $1,000

Ray Alexander McMillan , 30, failure to comply, disorderly conduct, unlawful carrying of pistol, reckless driving, driving under suspension, no seat belt

Darrell Lynn McKelvin , 21, possession of drug paraphernalia, providing false information

David James Novak , 38, shoplifting

Myshia Cryshanda Johnson , 25, shoplifting less than $1,000

Harold McLincoln Stephens Jr. , 45, driving under suspension

July 11

Christel Denise Pearson , 36, breach of trust, no driver's license in possession

Walter Daniel Dunaway Jr. , 28, two counts of giving false information to public safety officer

Millard Fillmore Smith , 43, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding, giving false information to public safety officer, seat belt violation, driving under suspension

Shana Lacelle Morgan , 32, driving under suspension

Floyd Douglas Blount Jr. , 51, driving under suspension, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jucobie Reedy , 24, driving under suspension

James Martin Robinson , 48, gross intoxication

Christopher Michael Shaver , 31, driving left of center, driving under suspension

Terry Carl Cadden , 26, malicious injury to personal property

Miguel Ramos Torres , 37, no South Carolina driver's license

Vernon Jorod Ryans , 39, no seat belt, driving under suspension

James Edward Butler Jr. , 39, parole violation

Julius Oliver Blocker , 38, failure to appear and pay, probation violation

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