Officials are right to fight smut

I applaud the outstanding character that our Augusta commissioners have displayed in their courageous decision to fight against the pornography pushers behind the X-Mart.

They are already taking undeserved flak from moral relativists and naÃve libertarians who claim that "to each his own" is the greatest good. Instead of bowing to the pressure of "tolerance at any cost," our commissioners have chosen to defend their constituents from a well of poison that would pollute Augusta.

We should be tremendously thankful that we have elected officials who don't buckle before the threats of flesh peddlers and who hide behind a corrupt interpretation of one of America's most important freedoms. I pray that virtuous men and women behind pulpits and in public office across the region will see this fight as a rally point in the battle against the moral decay that can and has devoured great cities, nations and civilizations like a cancer. Augusta is no exception.

This battle is not primarily fought in the Oval Office or over the airwaves. We citizens fight it every day in our homes, in our churches, in our schools and in our communities -- one X-Mart, Web site and porno store at a time. Augusta is truly blessed to have elected public servants who are willing warriors in this unpleasant and costly battle on behalf of those they have sworn to serve and protect. I thank the Augusta commissioners for your honesty, integrity and courage.

Nathan Krupa, Evans


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