Deception lies with the pro-lifers

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Gail Sikes ("Pro-lifers stand for more than children," July 8) should realize broader truths beyond her own self-defined ones. "Love of all mankind" and "protection of all human beings from fertilization until natural death" are empty shibboleths in this instance, because pro-lifers do not, in effect, practice the first one, and it would seem that even God does not practice the second one.

Pro-lifers believe they have superior insight, and assert that an unconscious fetus, or mass of embryonic tissue, is a person. They believe their irrational viewpoint is unquestionable because they know better. They further believe the imposition of a personal ideology on others is an act of love. Humans and animals share the same biology. Yet if I were to insist that a sheep embryo is a lamb, and that killing said embryo equates with the slaughter of an innocent lamb that eats, breathes and feels pain, people would think me insane. In fact, it is illustrative of the logic of pro-lifers.

At least one-third of all conceptions end in spontaneous abortion usually because of fetal defects. That makes God the biggest abortionist of all.

Most women who were not coerced and feel the decision was right for them experience no post abortion trauma. The women who feel traumatized are mainly victims of the very self-appointed moralists and crusaders who claim to have women's best interests at heart. They, along with patriarchal, controlling religions that subjugate women, inflict untold suffering by engendering guilt, depression and other useless emotions in those who should be free to determine their destinies without interference from self-righteous busybodies.

Planned Parenthood does not deceive or deny facts. Deception is the specialty of pro-lifers with their hysterical hogwash and calls for governmental control over an intensely private matter, all in the name of love.

Joni Ellsworth, North Augusta S.C.

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chacha2008 07/23/08 - 10:37 am
God is not the one who causes

God is not the one who causes a spontaneous abortion. And if you read your bible... God says live does not begin until you take your first breath. It is the womans body let her make the choice. Don't speculate until you are put in a position where you have to make a decision or keeping your baby or not. If you are a man with just an opinion shut up.

RockyMayer 07/23/08 - 11:24 am
It would also be one thing if

It would also be one thing if all the poeple who push pro-life were going out and adopting the un-wanted, un-aborted babies.... rather than having their own. That would really show me something, but they dont.

LynxRHot 07/23/08 - 11:29 am
in response to imdstuf's

in response to imdstuf's 11:57 AM it isn't ironic that Christians support the death penalty. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Tell me, what eye or tooth has an innocent unborn child taken from someone? Oh, let me rethink this. I forget....the baby has robbed the biological egg and sperm donors of the convenience of the pleasures of fornication with no consequences....this justifies a "choice"?

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