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Here are the results of the nonbinding "straw poll" questions posed from the respective Republican and Democratic parties in Columbia County:


1. Should property tax increases be limited to the rate of inflation?

Yes 10,058 (78.58%)

No 2,742 (21.42%)

2. Should the IRS be abolished and the current federal tax system replaced with a progressive national retail sales tax (fair tax)?

Yes 10,723 (83.16%)

No 2,172 (16.84%)

3. Are you in favor of raising local taxes to fund the construction and operation of a convention/civic center in Columbia County?

Yes 2,704 (20.74%)

No 10,331 (79.26%)

4. Are you in favor of utilizing local taxes to fund a marketing program to develop and recruit upscale adult retirement communities (i.e. Sun City)?

Yes 3,118 (24.11%)

No 9,815 (75.89%)

5. Should candidates in Board of Education elections run in partisan elections (Republican or Democrat)?

Yes 6,719 (52.34%)

No 6,119 (47.66%)


1. Should Columbia County build a permanent recycling center?

Yes 1,747 (88.05%)

No 237 (11.95%)

2. Should nonpartisan elections be used to select members of the Planning & Zoning Board, thereby making the process more open to the public?

Yes 1,690 (87.66%)

No 238 (12.34%)

3. Should seat belts be mandatory for all Columbia County school buses?

Yes 1,618 (81.39%)

No 370 (18.61%)

4. Should an evening court system be implemented in Columbia County to ease the backlog of court cases?

Yes 1,596 (80.93%)

No 376 (19.07%)

5. Should construction contractors with a history of being late be prohibited by law from being awarded future contracts?

Yes 1,155 (59.29%)

No 793 (40.71%)

6. Should transportation be made available throughout Columbia County to help ease traffic congestion, decrease the use of petroleum products and help transport senior citizens?

Yes 1,790 (90.22%)

No 194 (9.78%)

7. Should our elected representatives take measures to better protect Columbia County water rights?

Yes 1,863 (94.71%)

No 104 (5.29%)


1. Should programs monitored by state and local educators replace the federal educational program "No Child Left Behind"?

Yes 10,021 (67.98%)

No 4,721 (32.02%

2. Should full funding of public education be a high priority for the Georgia Legislature?

Yes 13,474 (90.82%)

No 1,362 (9.18%)

3. Would you vote to support mandatory universal health care for all Georgia citizens?

Yes 12,420 (82.97%)

No 2,549 (17.03%)

4. It is estimated that $12 billion each month in taxes is needed to support the Iraq war. Would support of public safety, education, health care and repair of the infrastructure of our nation be a better use for such taxes?

Yes 11,943 (79.35%)

No 3,108 (20.65%)

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NEone 07/16/08 - 03:57 am
Can someone tell me why the

Can someone tell me why the county questions were different for Dems and Reps? Seems like all the issues in question would affect both parties equally. (And were there no RC Republican questions?)

skeptical 07/16/08 - 06:52 am
Because the PARTIES decide

Because the PARTIES decide which questions they want on their primary ballots.

patriciathomas 07/16/08 - 07:07 am
83% voted for mandatory

83% voted for mandatory health care (socialized medicine without an option) and 60% voted to punish contractors for being late, regardless of the reason. The dumbing down of America is destroying the country. Congratulations Democrats. You get your wish.

i know
i know 07/16/08 - 07:55 am
is it your birthday

is it your birthday patriciathomas?

WhatNow 07/16/08 - 09:07 am
While I normally pull a

While I normally pull a republican ticket, I picked a democratic one for this particular election. I couldn’t believe the questions when I saw them, but can’t say I was surprised by the outcome. Obviously, I voted opposite the outcome for each question. Another prime example of liberals wanting things easier for those who chose not to do for themselves. No checks and balances, and free stuff for everyone….

galaxygrl 07/16/08 - 09:48 am
The Democrats should rename

The Democrats should rename themselves the American Socialist Party! Nothing is free and I am working two jobs to help pay for it. Maybe I'll quit working and let them support me. (not)

docroc 07/16/08 - 12:45 pm
The FairTax is the answer to

The FairTax is the answer to many problems that peril our way of life. The FairTax plan would have every family in America receive a check from the government of $300-$400 EVERY MONTH as a rebate so as not to tax the basic necesities of life. Everyone would begin to pay their fair share - this includes the thieves, drug dealers, and prostitutes. An estimated 11 trillion dollars would return to our economy from foreign bank accounts where the money is being hidden from our current tax system. Repubilicans and Democrats should strongly support this plan. Washington politicians generally do not like the FairTax because it takes power away from them and gives it back to the people. Who would not like getting a check from the government every month? Who would not enjoy going to the funeral for the IRS? Who would rather play basket ball or golf on April 14 instead of filing out their income tax form? I strongly encourage each of you to decide for yourself and consider contacting for more information.

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