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The U.S. Supreme Court made its first correct decision since 1789 by dumping the District of Columbia gun ban. Everybody, including the court, carefully omits the reason for the Second Amendment, because even with this decision, they fear repeating it because they might want to endanger us further in the future.

The Founders didn't trust government -- period! They didn't even trust themselves as a group because they knew -- and we know -- that a guy or group of people given a little power will always crave more. (That's another good reason to never vote for an incumbent, no matter how good he may be the first time in office.)

The Founders included the Second Amendment because they wanted citizens to be able to fight off government. And as long as government knew the people would shoot 'em if they encroached on their (the people's) rights, government would stand back, fearing the people.

Now, of course, government has learned to use things like the courts to infringe anyway. Still, that's what the Second Amendment is all about. And if you ever find that in any news story, proclaim it, because it'll turn out to be an accident, because media are part of the new government.

Bill Dekle, Millen

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standtall 07/03/08 - 08:52 am
Right on, Mr. Dekle!

Right on, Mr. Dekle! Government is to be feared by anyone who loves freedom. I like your idea not to vote for incumbents. My rule is no more than six years in office then back to the real world.

NotyourDadsBuick 07/03/08 - 10:53 am
i agree. the only good

i agree. the only good government is no government, and the only good law is no law. i should be allowed to do what i want without interference from the state, whenever i want to do it. f$#@ an orderly society -- who needs it!? of course, the irony is that the same government that people are lamenting is the government that created the second amendment, giving me the right the writer is now complaining about. Hmmm. I love reading posts on the AC because they are always reflect such idiotic, poorly thought out positions, sort of like a dog. Actually, that's an insult to dogs everywhere.

Bizarro 07/03/08 - 03:18 pm
And on cue Bizarro!! I like

And on cue Bizarro!! I like your anarchist philosophy NotyouDadsBuick. Write in for Bizarro Prez 08' Strange is Change. Ruff, Ruff.

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