Taxpayers always first to feel pain

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Well, looking at the April 29 paper ("Richmond County reassesses homes"), it appears residents of Richmond County are going to get ripped again by the local government.

Chief Tax Appraiser Calvin Hicks needs to wake up and stop misleading the people about a real estate valuation increase of 6.1 percent, since houses aren't selling because the market has fallen, and Augusta is no different. It's plain to see that we have money-hungry spenders in government who want to rob the county for personal gain.

I think it's time to get these people investigated and see really where the monies are going. Having said that, that would be wasteful -- because to get it done you would have to hire thieves of the same nature. ...

Sell off some of the property the county has. Take the vehicles away from the county elected officials and let them use their own personal vehicles -- except for the sheriff's department.

Property owners always get it first. I'm 100 percent disabled and can't work, yet I'm taxed to death.

James Fishburn, Augusta

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Interested Citizen
Interested Citizen 05/02/08 - 06:58 am
AMEN! They have no clue how

AMEN! They have no clue how it is to use a budget. We should not be paying for cell phones, all the gas that we provide, etc.

DeborahElliott2 05/02/08 - 07:01 am
Join the club! Although I am

Join the club! Although I am not disabled as much as you are, I still agree that our property has NOT increased as they said. Yet, we are taxed so badly and jobs are only getting to minimum wages and some businesses are even reducing their wages to keep with the economy, but Augusta all ready boasted about their city having money to deal with this economic slow down a bit too soon cause now they are complaining as much as the other guy about the high gas prices! This is what made me laugh. Our tax rebates are coming and the city wants to take it from us cause Federal Government won't send them anymore due to their boasting! This is why they are raising your taxes! I told you that we would all go broke BEFORE you even get a CHANCE to spend that tax rebate!

LaTwon 05/02/08 - 07:52 am
21st in air pollution, crime

21st in air pollution, crime out of control, civic center is a disgrace, school system fails to graduate more than 50%,
school system wont close uneeded schools to save, less students than the 70's, gangs, crooked politicians, houses on the market for years, all of these are good reasons why housing was up 6.1% in one year?????

dashiel 05/02/08 - 08:39 am
Amen Mr. Fishburn! And even

Amen Mr. Fishburn! And even with all their perks, these clowns still sub out tax collecting to a private firm which charges heavy fees of its own. Why even bother to elect a tax collector when he's free to privatize his duties? Your pizza's ready, Mr. Hicks.

jack 05/02/08 - 11:48 am
When I read the article, I

When I read the article, I wondered how property tvalues could increase for tax purposes in a market that is in the toilet. One only has to look around Augusta to see how many are on the market and not being sold.

johnsmith 05/02/08 - 09:58 pm
I drive past 10 - 20 houses

I drive past 10 - 20 houses for sale, every day. Same ones for the past 3 months, at least...well before Masters, 'cause they all "cleaned up" for those "prospective buyers." Even if my house HAD appreciated (it hasn't, I'd guess) what good would that do me? I'm NOT SELLING IT. You don't MAKE the money until you sell it...give me that ol' Prop 13 magic!

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