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Your April 29 editorial "We don't deserve this" correctly highlights the challenges parents face when making decisions about what television content is appropriate for their children to watch.

However, I was disappointed that you failed to mention the vast array of information parents have at their disposal that helps them understand programming content, as well as the universal existence of parental controls via cable, satellite or the V-chip.

In your editorial, you cite the Parents Television Council but fail to mention the group's ongoing lobbying campaigns that are directed at regulators and lawmakers, with the intention to make government the arbiter of television programming. And while some parents may applaud increased government regulation of television as a solution, the majority of parents don't. According to a recent poll, 92 percent of parents believe that parents, not the government, should make television-content decisions.

Americans reserve the right to make decisions over appropriate programming based on their own taste, values and style. It is a right solidified by parents' ability to control their children's viewing with information, technology and old-fashioned rules.

Jim Dyke, Charleston, S.C.

(The writer is executive director of the advocacy group Television Watch.)

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christian134 05/02/08 - 06:00 am
Unfortunately Mr. Dyke the

Unfortunately Mr. Dyke the lack of parenting and the silence of parents decades ago proceeding to where we currently stand has brought us to were we are....Surrounded by immorality at ever corner....The normality of crude, filthy, and immoral behavior is the norm while decent behavior and talk is considered to be stupid and out of date by many....We have almost declined into a nation made up of "whatever feels good let's do it" generation. This is a problem that does not see rich, poor, race or gender but accepts all into the realm...It loves to see people sink ever further into it's playground....Immorality breeds more immorality which in turn will tear a nation and it's people apart at the seams....Only by repenting, praying to God to help this nation and then get out there as one voice and declare to the greedy sponsors of these advertisments and "entertainment" we will cease to buy your products if you continue backing this filth....One step and then another is all it will take....

DeborahElliott2 05/02/08 - 06:53 am
I agree to this statement,

I agree to this statement, but I also think that parents should just turn off their TV's and get an idea of what their kids are interested in.

soldout 05/02/08 - 07:31 am
TV came in as an "angel of

TV came in as an "angel of light" and now it is just a demonic influenced "medium". Turn in off and gain physical and emotional health. Get the news somewhere else and be entertained by all of us strange folks that talk about the letters to the editor. The health commericals are the worst, creating a desire for drugs for diseases that don't exist.

deekster 05/02/08 - 09:21 am
TV has helped to create a

TV has helped to create a society where everything is an illusion. There is no "reality of life". Characters are born, murdered, raped and glorified. Hit the reset and it begins again. They are still alive, they were not raped, but still "idolized" for their performances. YOUTUBE and the like are allowing children to be stars of their own "reality shows". With not concern, impathy, or responsiblity.

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