Dangerous waters

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Few child protection programs in human history have been under the strain that Texas' is right now.

Consider: The Lone Star State normally does DNA samples on 1,000 kids a year. Right now, officials are sampling more than 400 kids removed in one sweep from the sequestered Eldorado ranch of the breakaway Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

There is tremendous pressure on the social workers, court workers and Court Appointed Special Advocates volunteers trying to sort through all 437 cases - while they try to expedite hearings so any non-victimized kids can spend as little time in foster care as possible.

The threat, of course, is that the state will (1) trample on parents' constitutional rights or (2) traumatize the children.

And as dedicated and underpaid as the vast majority of child protective workers are, foster care is, by its very nature, problematic. Texas had better hope nothing befalls any of the children in its care.

Meanwhile, the state is in dangerous legal waters. Is one phone complaint - maybe a hoax, at that - enough to have removed all 437 kids?

At the same time, it must be said that there are reports some of the underage girls are pregnant - which you would think is, on its face, evidence of a crime.

Indeed, one news report says the state raised the number of "children" taken from the ranch "after discovering that some of the mothers who volunteered to stay with their children are younger than 18."

Similarly, a growing number of abortion foes are questioning whether abortion clinics are covering up crimes of sexual abuse of underaged girls who end up pregnant.

There again, it's a thorny legal issue - since patient confidentiality is concerned. But it would seem evidence of a crime would trump that consideration, and that abortion clinics should be able to - even be forced to - reveal evidence that an underaged girl has been sexually abused.

By one national estimate, as many as 90 percent of abortion clinics are not in compliance with state laws requiring the reporting of child sexual abuse.

Augusta Care Pregnancy Center does report - some 27 cases in the past year and a half alone.

Texas authorities may be looking into possible cases of abuse at the FLDS ranch. No one has been charged, it's important to note.

But neither anyone there, nor anywhere, should get away with such a crime.

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christian134 04/27/08 - 07:35 am
If even one abuse case is

If even one abuse case is found then it is worth it all...The good of the whole does Not outweigh the good of the one...We must all continue to pray for the children, not only in the sect, but across this nation and elsewhere....

deekster 04/27/08 - 08:54 am
While I do not agree with the

While I do not agree with the "beliefs" of the FLDS, this action is a farce from the get go. Our "governemnt" spends millions of dollars a year through Planned Parenthood killing innocent babies. And suddenly they are concerned about childrens lives. I don't think so. Everthing about this "news story" stinks. From the FLDS to the "Nazi CPS of Texas". Neither is guiltless. What happened to the "rule of law"? What if it were your children and you were "denied your Constituional Rights? If they commited a crime then where are the charges. Where are the men arrested for rape? Our country is in a mess. GOD forgive us and help us to regain our moral compass.

galaxygrl 04/27/08 - 10:00 am
While there ae a lot of

While there ae a lot of things about this case, the Civil Rights of American citizens are being trampled on. Do it ineed to be investigated? Yes, but to take children out of a "safe" environment into a toltally different world isn't in their best interest either. I think they have opened up a can of worms off of one phone call. This could become a Supreme Court issue.

WHATDIDIDO 04/27/08 - 11:21 am
How do you know it was a "

How do you know it was a " Safe environment " ?

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